Ideal locations for dates in St. Petersburg: hotels, restaurants, parks and museums

Ideal locations for dates in St. Petersburg: hotels, restaurants, parks and museums

St. Petersburg, with its romantic atmosphere and incredible architecture, is the best place for dates. St. Petersburg hotels, restaurants, parks and even museums are ideal for celebrating an important event in the life of your couple.

Where to go on a date and which hotel in St. Petersburg to choose for two – we’ll tell you in the article.

Hotels in St. Petersburg for dates

When choosing a hotel for yourself and your significant other, focus on:

- its location: if your plans include long walks along the ancient streets, definitely choose the city center;

- category: the higher the star rating, the higher the quality of services provided at the hotel;

- availability of rooms and special services for lovers: it’s nice to check into a room and find a compliment from the hotel on the bed;

- view from the room: also an important fact for a romantic mood.

Restaurants for dates in St. Petersburg

1. Restaurant “MOST” on Sadovaya, 62: located within walking distance from the Express Sadovaya hotel, cozy and with exquisite cuisine.

2. Restaurant “Roof 18” on Petrogradskaya embankment, 18: attracts its guests with panoramic views.

3. Restaurant “Charlie” on the Griboyedov Canal embankment, 54: impresses with its original cuisine and picturesque views of the center of St. Petersburg.

Parks for dates in St. Petersburg

1. Summer Garden: the first park complex of St. Petersburg and the personal creation of Peter I amazes with its fountains, perfectly green lawns and statues.

2. Tauride Garden: a historical park with well-kept green spaces and ancient buildings that create a cozy atmosphere for dates.

3. Elagin Island: people come here to enjoy the greenery of the trees, beautiful views and fluffy squirrels who definitely won’t refuse a treat.

Museums for dates in St. Petersburg

Turn a trip to the museum into an exciting time with your significant other and go to:

1. Museum of the Soviet Era: an unusual choice for a date, but a tour here will definitely captivate you and immerse you in the history of the 20th century of our country.

2. Museum of Alien Life “Galactorium”: unusual decorations, as if inspired by the movie “Avatar”, giant alien figures and interactive activities for guests.

3. Pinkrabbit Museum: dedicated to eroticism and love in all its forms.

St. Petersburg is a city where romance intertwines with history, offering a wide selection of locations for unforgettable dates. From luxury hotels to cozy parks, gourmet restaurants to cultural museums, this city has everything to make your stay with your loved one memorable and special.

Go to the Express Sadovaya Hotel website, choose the perfect room in the center of St. Petersburg and have an unforgettable date in our beautiful city.