Resort fee

Resort fee

Dear Guests!

 Please note that from April 1, 2024, according to Law No. 419-81 "On the introduction of a resort fee on the territory of St. Petersburg" dated 06/29/2023, the hotel will charge a resort fee for each resident over the age of 18.

 What is a resort fee?

 The resort fee is a fee for the use of the resort infrastructure in order to preserve, restore and develop the tourist infrastructure.

Resort fee payers:

The resort fee is charged for adult guests (over 18 years old) staying at the hotel for more than 24 hours (day).

The amount and payment of the resort fee:

  1. The amount of the resort fee is 100 rubles per person per day.
  2. The day of arrival at the hotel is not taken into account when calculating the resort fee.
  3. In case of early departure, the amount of the resort fee is recalculated.
  4. The resort fee is paid upon arrival at the hotel in cash or by bank card. 
  5. Payment of the resort fee on the invoice through the bank branches is not provided.
  6. The amount of the fee to be paid is not included in the room rate.
  7. Payers of the resort fee, persons exempt from paying the resort fee, persons who refused to pay the resort fee, give written consent to the processing of personal data in the prescribed form, or fill out a waiver of payment of the resort fee in the prescribed form. Administrative liability is provided for non-payment.

Preferential categories

21 preferential categories of citizens are exempt from paying the resort fee, including veterans, disabled people of 1-2 groups, university students of St. Petersburg, members of large families and others.

If you have a benefit, you must have the original of the document confirming the availability of the benefit, or a copy of it, certified in accordance with the established procedure.

The full list of preferential categories of citizens is presented on the website of the Administration of St. Petersburg.