How to prepare for checking into a St. Petersburg hotel with an animal

How to prepare for checking into a St. Petersburg hotel with an animal

Traveling with a pet is a new and exciting experience for both you and your furry companion. And here it is important to take everything into account.

Which hotel in St. Petersburg will allow you to check in with animals, what size carrier you need to buy for the trip, what vaccinations are needed and how much food you will need on the trip.

Traveling with your pet can be comfortable and safe if you start preparing for it in advance. What to do first and what not to forget before traveling to St. Petersburg with a dog or cat - we tell you in the article.

Choosing a pet-friendly hotel in St. Petersburg

Before booking a hotel in St. Petersburg, make sure it allows pets. Not all hotels in the city are ready to accommodate cats and dogs, no matter how well-mannered and clean they are.

Fortunately, the choice of pet-friendly hotels in St. Petersburg is huge, so you can choose the place that best suits your price and level of comfort.

Express Sadovaya Hotel is included in the list of such hotels, warmly welcoming guests with their pets. In addition, upon check-in, each ponytail receives a set with accessories for an even more comfortable stay with us.

Visit to the veterinary clinic

A visit to the veterinarian is a must before a trip. It is important to have a specialist examine your pet and check:

- will the pet be able to carry a plane or train?

- does he have parasites?

- does he have chronic diseases;

- How long ago were the vaccinations given?

The clinic will also issue you a veterinary passport, which must be provided upon check-in at the hotel. The document must contain up-to-date information about the animal’s health status, vaccinations and anti-parasitic treatment.

Purchasing accessories for transporting an animal to St. Petersburg

No matter how you plan to get to St. Petersburg with your pet, make sure he has:

- a spacious carrier where the pet can not only sit, but also stand/change body position freely;

- reliable ammunition: a collar and muzzle are required, but it’s up to you to choose a leash or harness;

- hygiene products: disposable diapers, tray with filler, wet wipes for paws and fur, shampoo;

- a first aid kit with a sorbent, a parasite repellent (a collar or anti-flea and tick spray is ideal for travel), a sedative, an antiseptic and dressings.

Preparing your pet

If your pet is not used to trips, especially such intense and long ones, take the time to prepare:

1. A couple of weeks before departure, get your dog or cat used to being carried. The pet should not experience stress while in it.

2. Put a muzzle on your dog during every walk so that your pet gets used to it and does not try to remove it.

3. Try to walk not only near your home. Walk long distances so that the animal learns to calmly react to the noise of cars on busy roads, crowds of people, and so on.

Exploring the area

Before booking a room in a particular hotel, make sure that there is a park or square nearby where you can walk your dog.

Also research the location of the nearest pet store with delivery options, veterinary clinic and grooming salon.

Compliance with hotel rules

Remember that you will not live alone in the hotel. Respect other travelers, follow the rules and regulations of the hotel. Be careful that your pet does not disturb other guests or disturb the silence.

Choose Express Sadovaya Hotel if you plan to visit the northern capital with your pet. Our hotel is located in the center of St. Petersburg and warmly welcomes guests with pets.