Types of hotels in the center of St. Petersburg with breakfast

Types of hotels in the center of St. Petersburg with breakfast

A hotel room in the center of St. Petersburg with breakfast is already half the success of your vacation. Just imagine: comfortable living conditions, a convenient location and a hearty breakfast every morning. A good way to start your day on holiday?

In St. Petersburg, most premium hotels offer their guests rooms with breakfast. Some serve the first meal as a buffet, others À la Carte, others limit themselves to coffee and pastries.


The buffet system is a common option for serving food in hotels. This type of serving of food came to Russia from the Scandinavian countries, where meals consisting only of cold appetizers are popular.

However, the modern version of the buffet has been modernized, made more satisfying and varied, so that hotel guests can choose from a variety of food options.

Why do we suggest choosing a buffet at the Express Sadovaya Hotel:

- it is convenient, first of all, for the guests themselves;

- it’s easier to choose food for picky children and those on a diet;

- every morning tourists eat a varied diet.

À la carte

À la carte service means serving food according to the menu. Often, with à la carte service, breakfast is not included or cannot be included in the room rate, which is a disadvantage for some travelers.

However, À la carte also has many advantages:

- the menu presents ready-made combinations of products, and you do not need to assemble a dish yourself from individual ingredients;

- usually the menu presents standard items of cold and hot dishes, where everyone can choose their favorite items;

- hotels with À la carte take care of the children's menu, adding items without meat and dairy products.


The buffet is somewhat similar to a buffet, but the choice of food is very limited. If you don’t like to have a hearty breakfast, then you will definitely appreciate this method of serving.

Breakfast filling

Above we have listed ways to serve breakfast in hotels in the center of St. Petersburg. However, there are still ways to fill these breakfasts:

- сontinental breakfast includes coffee, tea, drink refills and fresh scones with jam and butter;

- the extended version consists of drinks, pastries, cold cuts and cheeses, juices, fruits, eggs and cereals;

- breakfast with champagne - an option not available in all hotels in St. Petersburg, which includes meat dishes, pastries, sweets and a glass of sparkling wine;

- brunch differs from the listed options only in the interval at which the dishes are served.

Choose the Express Sadovaya hotel in the center of St. Petersburg and enjoy a delicious buffet breakfast at the Express Cafe & Bar restaurant.