Why booking a room through a hotel website in St. Petersburg is an opportunity to save on accommodation

Where is the best place to book a hotel room in St. Petersburg? Of course, through his official website.

Booking a room through a hotel website in St. Petersburg is a guarantee of low prices, many other special offers and a detailed description of the room stock. Read our article about other advantages of renting housing directly on the hotel website.

Direct offers and special promotions

St. Petersburg hotels often offer special rates for accommodation and promotions, available only when booking through the official website.

For example, on the website of the Express Sadovaya hotel there are now several permanent offers:

- 15% discount on accommodation if you decide to celebrate your birthday at our hotel;

- favorable conditions for renting a conference room and an updated coffee break menu;

- special rates for group accommodation.

In addition, every month we try to delight tourists with new promotions.

Flexible terms

The main advantage of online hotel booking is the ability to change the dates of your stay, cancel the rental in case of unforeseen circumstances and not lose money because of it.

Most hotels in St. Petersburg cancel your room reservation without any problems and return money for your stay.

Guaranteed Availability

When booking through the hotel website, you are guaranteed to choose a room among the available options, since information about the availability of available apartments is downloaded directly from the hotel database.

While room availability from third-party services is updated more slowly, which often leads to errors when booking.

Bonuses for regular customers

Some hotels in St. Petersburg actively promote their websites through a bonus system and generous cashback when booking directly.

What are the advantages of bonuses:

- they can be spent on your next stay, and you will definitely return to St. Petersburg again;

- sometimes the first accrued bonuses can be written off when paying for the current check-in;

- bonuses are a proven and affordable option for saving on accommodation.

Transparent information about prices and services

Booking a room through a hotel website in St. Petersburg guarantees you price transparency and the absence of commissions, which is often common with travel agents and third-party aggregators.

In addition, the official website provides detailed information about living conditions, additional services and surcharges.

Direct contact with the hotel

By booking through the hotel’s website, you will be able to communicate directly with its representatives, ask questions for which you did not find answers on official resources, and negotiate individual accommodation conditions.

Choose the Express Sadovaya hotel and book a room in the center of St. Petersburg on the website sadovaya-hotel.ru.