We understand the advantages of booking hotels in St. Petersburg by phone

We understand the advantages of booking hotels in St. Petersburg by phone

You can book a hotel in St. Petersburg through one of the convenient services for finding accommodation, through the official website or e-mail, or by calling the selected hotel.

Despite the development of online technologies for booking hotels in St. Petersburg, the good old telephone remains a convenient way to rent a room for some travelers.

Personalized service

Don't know which number to choose? Booking a hotel in St. Petersburg by phone is an opportunity to get a personalized service experience.

The manager of the Express Sadovaya Hotel will ask you leading questions and advise on all accommodation options so that you can choose the best option based on your preferences and needs.

It is especially convenient to book a hotel room by phone if you require non-standard services.

Additional information about rooms and services

If you have looked through the entire website sadovaya-hotel.ru, studied all the information about the hotel and have not found the data you are interested in, contact us by phone.

A hotel employee will tell you which rooms are available for the dates of your trip, and what services we can provide you for free or for an additional fee.

Individual offers and discounts for hotels in St. Petersburg

Express Sadovaya does not offer individual discounts for those who book a room by phone. However, through the manager you can find out all the current special offers of the hotel and choose the one that suits your conditions.

Guaranteed reservation

By phone you can discuss all the booking conditions, make payment and receive rental confirmation from a hotel employee.

Flexible living conditions

Telephone communication gives you the opportunity to discuss additional services that are not included in the main list.

For example, this could be an airport transfer, a late night check-in, or an 11am breakfast in your room.

Free consultation

And booking a hotel in St. Petersburg by phone is an opportunity to ask the manager about local attractions, transport, restaurants and other entertainment.

If you have never been to St. Petersburg before or are coming to the city for the first time in winter, an employee of the Express Sadovaya Hotel will share his recommendations on where to go and what to see in the northern capital at this time of year.

Booking hotels in St. Petersburg by phone has a number of advantages, but still not everyone likes calls and live communication, preferring to quickly and conveniently book a room through the official website of Express Sadovaya Hotel.