The conference hall of our hotel and its advantages

The conference hall of our hotel and its advantages

If you regularly hold business meetings, then you should think about booking a conference room outside the office, for example in a hotel in St. Petersburg. The hotel's conference rooms provide all the amenities and special equipment necessary for successful business meetings. The most important thing is comfortable rooms for those who came to your meeting from other cities.

Field meetings are a great way to bring a team together, giving employees the opportunity to take a fresh look at your business goals and expectations. Find out about the advantages of choosing a conference room in our hotel for an on-site meeting. 

5 advantages of the conference room at the Express Sadovaya Hotel:

1. Modern amenities 

Regardless of whether you want to hold a business presentation or a major business event, you can be sure that the hotel's conference room will provide you with the best conditions for a successful team meeting. 

2. Provision of accommodation for nonresidents

Conference rooms in hotels will provide additional comfort for your guests. This is an opportunity to stay in a cozy room at the St. Petersburg hotel. You can always book accommodation on the official website of the Express Sadovaya Hotel. 

3. Capacity

Our halls are suitable for a variety of events: both for small meetings of up to ten people, and large conferences of up to 65 people.

4. Location

The location in the city center and with good transport links will help your event go smoothly. The place you choose will depend on where your participants come from. 

Express Sadovaya Hotel is pleased to offer 4 comfortable conference rooms for your event. Leave a request for the event on our official website and wait for the manager's call to clarify the details.