Hotel prices in St. Petersburg: how to save money on vacation and not overpay for accommodation

Hotel prices in St. Petersburg: how to save money on vacation and not overpay for accommodation

St. Petersburg attracts travelers with its beauty and grandeur, but prices for accommodation in the northern capital can be steep, especially in high season.

You definitely shouldn’t despair, even if you are planning a vacation in St. Petersburg in the summer. There are many ways to save on a hotel without sacrificing comfort or a great location.

Flexibility in choosing dates of check-in at a hotel in St. Petersburg

1. Avoid peak season;

Summer, especially the period of white nights (June-July), New Year's holidays and May weekend is the time of maximum influx of tourists and, as a result, high prices. Consider traveling during the off-season (April-May, September-October) or winter. We assure you that in early autumn the weather in St. Petersburg is just as sunny and comfortable. And the bonus is the lack of heat.

2. Travel on weekdays;

Hotel prices tend to be lower from Sunday to Thursday.

Alternative accommodation options in St. Petersburg

1. Hotels;

If you were previously an ardent supporter of apartment living, give hotels a chance. And you will definitely appreciate this accommodation option.

2. Apartments;

Renting an apartment or studio is a good option if you are traveling with your family or a large group of friends.

3. Guest houses;

A cozy alternative to hotels, but popular only in the suburbs of St. Petersburg or the Leningrad region, where you want to be closer to nature.

Location and prices for hotels in St. Petersburg

The historical center of the city is not only Nevsky Prospekt and the Winter Palace area. This part of the city is large and covers many streets with more budget accommodation options:

1. Streets further from Nevsky Prospekt;

Consider accommodation options in less touristy areas of the central part of the city, but with good transport accessibility.

2. Proximity to the metro;

Choose a hotel near a metro station to save time and money on transportation.

Online tools and promotions to reduce prices for hotels in St. Petersburg

1. Price comparison services;

Ostrovok, Trivago and others will help you compare offers from different hotels and find the best price.

2. Loyalty programs;

Sign up for hotel loyalty programs to receive discounts, bonuses and free nights.

3. Special offers;

Subscribe to hotel newsletters and keep an eye on promotions and discounts on aggregator sites.

Additional tips for reducing hotel prices in St. Petersburg

1. Early booking;

The earlier you book a hotel, the greater your chances of getting a good price.

2. Direct contact to the hotel;

Sometimes, by contacting the hotel directly (by phone or email), you can get a better deal than on booking sites.

3. Consider package tours;

Tour operators often offer package tours with accommodation included at better prices.

Don't be afraid to experiment and look for alternatives! Choose Express Sadovaya Hotel and do not overpay for accommodation in St. Petersburg.