Petrogradsky district of St. Petersburg: what sights are worth seeing if you stay at our hotel

Petrogradsky district of St. Petersburg: what sights are worth seeing if you stay at our hotel

The Petrogradsky district is not just a place on the map of St. Petersburg, it is a special atmosphere, imbued with history and creative spirit.

By staying at the Express Sadovaya Hotel, you get a unique opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Petrogradka, its architectural monuments, cozy squares and more modern locations.

Attractions within walking distance from our hotel in St. Petersburg

1. Peter and Paul Fortress;

The heart of the Petrograd side, the founding place of St. Petersburg. Visit the Peter and Paul Cathedral, the tomb of Russian emperors, prison cells

Trubetskoy Bastion, walk along the fortress walls, admiring the panorama of the Neva.

2. Ioannovsky Bridge;

One of the most beautiful bridges in the city, connecting the Peter and Paul Fortress with Hare Island. Its elegant openwork designs are an excellent location for photo shoots.

3. Cruiser "Aurora";

The legendary cruiser, which became a symbol of the October Revolution. Today it is a museum ship where you can learn about the history of the fleet and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the early 20th century.

Attractions within a radius of several kilometers from our hotel in St. Petersburg

1. Petrogradskaya embankment;

Stroll along the Bolshaya Neva, admiring stately mansions and city views. Here you will find the famous cruiser “Aurora”, and you can also take a river cruise.

2. Museum of Political History of Russia;

Located in the Kshesinskaya mansion, the museum tells about the history of Russian statehood from the empire to the present day.

3. Botanical Garden;

One of the oldest botanical gardens in Russia with a rich collection of plants from all over the world. A great place for walking and relaxing.

Gastronomic attractions of Petrogradka near our hotel in St. Petersburg

The Petrogradsky district is famous for its variety of cafes and restaurants to suit every taste: from affordable coffee shops to gourmet gourmet restaurants:

1. Medici (Medikov Avenue, 10k1);

Italian flavor, traditional dishes and fresh ingredients.

2. Heron (Dobrolyubova Avenue, 16k2);

Karaoke bar and restaurant with European, Asian and original cuisine.

The Petrograd side is a real treasure trove of history, culture and unique atmosphere. Book a room at the Express Sadovaya Hotel and explore historical St. Petersburg on foot.