Hotel with breakfast or apartment with kitchen? What to choose for a comfortable stay in St. Petersburg

Hotel with breakfast or apartment with kitchen? What to choose for a comfortable stay in St. Petersburg

When planning a vacation in St. Petersburg, the city of white nights and palaces, it is important to decide not only on accommodation, but also on food. And if you are hesitating between a hotel with breakfast in St. Petersburg and an apartment with a kitchen, this article will help you make the right choice.

Hotel with breakfast in St. Petersburg: comfort and service


1. Convenience and service: room cleaning, linen change, room service - all this will save you from everyday hassles and allow you to fully concentrate on your vacation.

2. Breakfast is included: no need to waste time and effort looking for a cafe in the morning, enjoy ready-made food.

3. Variety: Hotels offer a wide range of additional services - from pools and spas to private excursions.

4. Location: many hotels are located in the heart of the city, within walking distance of the main attractions.


1. Price: hotels, especially in high season, can be more expensive than apartments.

2. Limited schedule: tied to breakfast times and strict hotel rules may not be suitable for freedom lovers.

3. Less personal space: A hotel room is sometimes smaller in size than an apartment.

Apartment with kitchen in St. Petersburg: freedom and home comfort


1. Freedom of action: you manage your own time, prepare food when it’s convenient, and are not tied to the hotel’s schedule.

2. Saving: Cooking your own food is a great way to save on food, especially if you are traveling with family or a group.

3. Homely atmosphere: the presence of a kitchen and separate rooms creates a cozy atmosphere, close to home.

4. Spacious: apartments are usually more spacious and are great for large groups or families with children.


1. Lack of service: you will have to solve cleaning, changing linen and other household issues yourself.

2. Additional expenses: in addition to renting an apartment, consider the cost of groceries and cooking.

3. Distance from the center: many apartments are not located in the city center, which may require additional transportation costs.

Which option to choose

The answer depends on your individual preferences and travel goals:

1. A hotel with breakfast in St. Petersburg is ideal for couples looking for a romantic getaway, tourists who value comfort and service, as well as for short trips.

For example, people often come to the Express Sadovaya Hotel on a business trip for a couple of days. And such travelers especially appreciate comfortable working conditions, delicious breakfasts in the morning and modern, clean rooms.

2. Apartments with a kitchen are an excellent choice for families with children, large groups, tourists on a limited budget and those who prefer freedom of action and home comfort, as well as for a long stay in the city.

St. Petersburg offers a huge selection of accommodation options to suit every taste and budget. Home comfort or professional service – you can find all this at Express Sadovaya Hotel.