Nearest shops: where you can buy souvenirs if you are staying at our hotel in St. Petersburg

Nearest shops: where you can buy souvenirs if you are staying at our hotel in St. Petersburg

A trip to St. Petersburg is not complete without buying memorable souvenirs that will remind you of the trip. And so that the search for gifts for yourself and your loved ones does not turn into a tedious quest, we have compiled for you a guide to the nearest stores where you can find authentic, original and, most importantly, high-quality souvenirs.

The nearest shops are within walking distance from our hotel in St. Petersburg

1. Souvenir shops;

The first souvenir shops are located near the Yusupov Garden. Their advantage is a wide range: magnets, plates, key rings, nesting dolls and products with views of the city - the choice is huge!

2. Bookstores;

Here you can buy albums with photographs of St. Petersburg, guidebooks, fiction dedicated to the city, or postcards with reproductions of famous paintings.

In St. Petersburg there are both chain bookstores, for example, Bukvoed, and small private ones with rare editions of books.

Shops closest to the center and a little further from our hotel in St. Petersburg

1. Department store "Gostiny Dvor";

This historic shopping complex is a real treasure trove of souvenirs. Here you will find handicrafts: Gzhel, Khokhloma, Palekh miniatures, products made of birch bark, amber and much more.

2. SEC “Gallery”;

The large shopping center “Gallery” will appeal to those who want to update their wardrobe and bring back new clothes, shoes and cosmetics from their trip.

Shops for connoisseurs of originality

1. Loft Project “Floors”;

This is a creative space where designer stores, art galleries, and workshops are located. Here you will find unique designer souvenirs: handmade, vintage items, unusual jewelry.

2. Hermitage Museum Store;

An excellent opportunity to purchase replicas of museum exhibits, art books, as well as souvenirs depicting masterpieces from the Hermitage collection.

The closest shops with gastronomic souvenirs to our hotel in St. Petersburg

Shops with edible souvenirs are literally at every turn, and we recommend buying from them:

1. Tea and coffee in beautiful packaging;

Bring aromatic tea with additives, freshly roasted coffee or a beautiful tea set as a gift.

2. Chocolates;

"North" and "named after Krupskaya" are the legendary confectionery factories of St. Petersburg. Here you can buy the famous Assorted sweets, Bear in the North, chocolate covered marshmallows and other sweets.

Tips from an experienced tourist

1. Do not put off buying souvenirs until the last day - this way you will have more time to choose and there will be no rush. Hurry up, check into your room at the Express Sadovaya Hotel and go explore the shops closest to our hotel.

2. In small souvenir shops, you can try to reduce the price, especially when purchasing several items.

3. Carefully inspect souvenirs before purchasing so as not to buy defective goods.

Buying souvenirs is a pleasant part of any trip. And we are confident that, using our advice, you will find in St. Petersburg exactly those memorable gifts that will delight you and your loved ones for many years.