What types of hotel rooms are there in St. Petersburg?

What types of hotel rooms are there in St. Petersburg?

St. Petersburg is one of the largest tourist centers in Russia with many hotels of different levels of comfort and price.

And when choosing a hotel in St. Petersburg, you should pay attention not only to the cost and location, but also to the type of room in which you will live during your vacation.

Single room in St. Petersburg hotel

This type of room is suitable for a person traveling alone.

Single rooms can be either an economy option with a minimum set of services, or more comfortable, with a wide range of amenities for guests. It all depends on the hotel category.

Double room in St. Petersburg hotel

This is the most popular type of hotel room and is suitable for both single travelers and couples.

A double room can have two single beds or one double bed, as well as all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay for two.

Even if you are planning a trip to St. Petersburg alone, in the double room of the Express Sadovaya hotel you will feel comfort and spaciousness.

Triple room in St. Petersburg hotel

This type of room is designed to accommodate three guests, for example a family with a child.

This room usually has two single beds and a fold-out sofa or extra bed. The triple room is also equipped with everything necessary for the convenience of guests of different ages.

Quadruple room in St. Petersburg hotel

This room type is suitable for families or small groups of friends.

A quadruple room usually has two double beds or a bed and a sofa to accommodate each guest comfortably.

Suite in St. Petersburg hotel

It is distinguished by its spaciousness and convenient zoning: the room is divided into a sleeping part, a working part or a play part. The suites offer a special service for their guests.

And at the Express Sadovaya hotel, junior suites are perfect for couples with children.

Apartments in St. Petersburg hotels

Some hotels in St. Petersburg offer apartments for those who prefer privacy and home comfort. Apartments can consist of several rooms, a kitchen, a living room and have all the amenities for a long stay.

When choosing a hotel room, it is important to consider not only the number of guests, but also their needs and preferences. Pay attention to the location of the hotel, living conditions, availability of additional services (free Wi-Fi, breakfast in the room, etc.) to make your stay in St. Petersburg as comfortable and enjoyable as possible!

Choose Express Sadovaya Hotel if you are planning a vacation in the northern capital, and we will do everything to make your stay comfortable, regardless of the type of room.