White Night in St. Petersburg: book a hotel and create an entertainment program

White Night in St. Petersburg: book a hotel and create an entertainment program

White Nights are a unique phenomenon that occurs in St. Petersburg from late May to mid-July. At this time, the sun almost never sets beyond the horizon, and the city is immersed in a magical atmosphere.

And if you are planning to visit St. Petersburg during the White Nights, we recommend that you book a hotel now, buy tickets for the upcoming dates and create a rich program for this trip.

Booking a hotel in St. Petersburg during the White Nights

1. Book in advance! White Nights are a popular time to visit St. Petersburg, when demand for hotels is extremely high.

2. Consider booking a hotel in the city center. This will make it easier for you to get to major attractions and entertainment.

3. Pay attention to hotels with views of the city, rivers and canals. This way you will enjoy not only the white nights, but also the beautiful architecture of St. Petersburg.

Entertainment program during the white nights in St. Petersburg

We advise you to take more walks on white nights. The city does not sleep at this time, so many establishments are open around the clock.

A classic program for tourists who come to St. Petersburg for the white nights:

1. Take a walk along the embankments.

The embankments of St. Petersburg are an ideal place for walking and enjoying the white nights. Bring your camera to capture the stunning views across the river.

2. Visit the bridge draw.

The city's rivers and canals are not just for tourist boats. They perform an important transport function - they ensure the passage of ships from the Gulf of Finland to major Russian cities.

And raising bridges is not a show for tourists, but a necessary condition for navigation.

3. Take a night tour along the canals.

A night tour along the canals is a great way to explore St. Petersburg from a different perspective. You'll see illuminated bridges, palaces and other city landmarks from the water.

4. Attend a concert or play.

During the White Nights, many concerts and performances are held in St. Petersburg.

For example, at the end of June a large-scale open-air VK Fest will be held in St. Petersburg with music, dancing and performances by favorite artists.

White nights in St. Petersburg are definitely worth seeing at least once in your life. The city is transforming, practically does not sleep, so the streets are filled with tourists, street musicians and animators around the clock.

Choose the Express Sadovaya hotel if you plan to visit St. Petersburg during the White Nights. And we will do everything to make your vacation in comfortable conditions.