To St. Petersburg with a dog: how to choose a hotel and prepare your pet for the trip

To St. Petersburg with a dog: how to choose a hotel and prepare your pet for the trip

St. Petersburg is a wonderful city for a vacation with a pet. Many hotels, parks, and entertainment spaces welcome tourists with dogs, offering special dog-friendly services and entertainment.

However, traveling to another city with a pet requires careful preparation. In this article we will tell you how to choose a hotel that will be happy to welcome you and your dog, and how to prepare your four-legged companion for a vacation in St. Petersburg.

Hotel in St. Petersburg for a holiday with a dog

1. Animal Adoption Policy

Before booking a hotel, check their pet policy. Choose hotels that allow pets and do not have strict size or breed restrictions.

2. Animal services

It is preferable to choose hotels that provide additional services for animals, such as walking, food bowls, rugs and even additional bedding for pets.

3. Security

Please pay attention to the safety of the surrounding area of the hotel. It is important that your pet feels comfortable and safe in the new place.

4. Infrastructure

When choosing a hotel in St. Petersburg to stay with a dog, keep in mind that you will need to walk your pet somewhere. A plus will be the presence of a pharmacy, a convenience store and a pet store within walking distance from the hotel.

Preparing your dog for a trip to St. Petersburg

1. Health check

Before your trip, be sure to visit a veterinarian to check your pet's health, treat it for fleas and ticks, and complete all necessary paperwork. The last point is especially important, since when you check into the hotel you will be asked for a veterinary passport with up-to-date vaccination data.

2. Comfort

Prepare a comfortable carrier for transporting a small dog or equipment for a larger pet, as well as blankets, toys and other items that will help your pet feel cozy during the trip.

3. Training and socialization

Before your trip, take the time to teach your dog commands and socialization with other animals and people to reduce stress in the new environment.

A trip to St. Petersburg with a dog can be a fun and enjoyable experience for both you and your pet, provided you are well prepared and choose the right place to stay. And traveling with your pet to different cities opens up new opportunities and creates unique memories. By taking all necessary measures and taking into account the specifics of the trip, you can enjoy the time spent with your faithful friend in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg.

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