Historical locations for beautiful photographs near the Express Sadovaya Hotel in St. Petersburg

Historical locations for beautiful photographs near the Express Sadovaya Hotel in St. Petersburg

The Express Sadovaya Hotel in St. Petersburg has a convenient location in the center of the historical part of the city. Near the hotel you can enjoy a walk along the Fontanka embankment, see iconic sights and capture beautiful views in photographs.

Where you can arrange a photo session or just take a lot of memorable pictures if you are staying at the Express Sadovaya Hotel, read our article.

Historical locations near our hotel in St. Petersburg

Start exploring the city and photographing its views not far from the Express Sadovaya hotel.

Popular locations for photo shoots near us:

- Seven days - it is especially beautiful here in sunny, clear weather;

- Izmailovsky Garden is small, but one of the most beautiful and cozy gardens in St. Petersburg;

- Vitebsk Station – reminiscent of an old European station. The Soviet film hit “The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson”, “Station for Two”, “Brother” and many historical films were also filmed here.

Historical locations within walking distance from the hotel in St. Petersburg

1. One of the symbols of the city is its gardens and parks. The Summer Garden and Alexander Park are the visiting cards of St. Petersburg.

Beautiful alleys, ancient monuments and numerous fountains make these locations ideal for photo shoots in spring. In addition, the Express Sadovaya hotel is located within walking distance from the main parks of the city, which will allow you to quickly and easily reach them.

2. Another historical location, which is located near the hotel, is the Tauride Garden. His greenhouse was created at the end of the 18th century, and today it is a real tropical paradise.

In the Tauride Garden and Greenhouse there are many places for a photo shoot - this is why newlyweds love this location so much.

3. Not far from the hotel is Nevsky Prospekt, the main artery of the city, where many attractions are concentrated. Here you can take photos of literally every building. They are all equally beautiful and majestic.

A walk along Nevsky Prospekt will definitely leave you with unforgettable impressions and beautiful photographs.

4. Don’t forget about the Hermitage - one of the largest museums in the world, which for three centuries has been one of the most significant cultural locations in St. Petersburg. The Express Sadovaya Hotel is conveniently close to the Hermitage, so you can devote as much time as you like to this museum and capture its beauty in photographs.

The Express Sadovaya Hotel itself is a historical location in St. Petersburg. Set in an 18th century building, it could be the perfect location for your photo shoot.