Business in St. Petersburg: how to choose a hotel for a business trip

Business in St. Petersburg: how to choose a hotel for a business trip

St. Petersburg, with its rich history and cultural heritage, is at the same time a major economic center of Russia.

Company owners, large suppliers and manufacturers come here. International economic forums and exhibitions are held in St. Petersburg.

Therefore, choosing a business hotel in St. Petersburg plays an important role in ensuring the comfort and productivity of your stay.

Location of the business hotel in St. Petersburg

One of the most important criteria when choosing a hotel for a business trip is its location. The hotel's convenient location relative to business centers, offices, the airport and the railway station will significantly save your time and effort. When choosing a hotel, also pay attention to the availability of public transport and parking.

Facilities for business events

A good hotel in St. Petersburg, aimed at business travelers, offers not only comfortable rooms and breakfast in the restaurant in the morning. This hotel provides the necessary amenities for business events.


This could include conference rooms and meeting rooms, transfers around the city, delivery of paper correspondence and the provision of a highly specialized specialist (lawyer, translator).

Make sure the hotel you choose suits your meeting and event needs.

Comfort and service in a business hotel in St. Petersburg

It is important that the hotel provides comfortable rooms with work areas and modern amenities.

However, quality service, daily housekeeping, dry cleaning and delicious breakfasts in the morning play an equally important role in creating a productive work environment.

Study in advance the list of available services at the hotel. Most of them are free or have a small cost.

Restaurants and food establishments

Having a restaurant or café at the hotel or in the surrounding area where you can grab a quick lunch or dinner is an important aspect for business travelers. Restaurants that offer takeout or in-room dining can also make your stay much easier and save time on meals.

Consider location, event amenities, comfort, safety and reviews from previous guests when choosing a business hotel in St. Petersburg.

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