Traveling to St. Petersburg with animals: pet-friendly hotels, restaurants and parks

Traveling to St. Petersburg with animals: pet-friendly hotels, restaurants and parks

St. Petersburg is a city where history intertwines with modernity, and cultural heritage envelops cozy streets and squares.

If you are planning a trip to this beautiful city in the company of your pet, then it is important to responsibly prepare for the trip so that it becomes as comfortable and safe as possible for you and your pet.

In this article we will tell you which hotels, restaurants and parks in St. Petersburg are pet-friendly.

Pet-friendly hotels with pets in St. Petersburg

In the northern capital there are many hotels, hostels and daily apartments where pets are allowed.

Express Sadovaya Hotel is an excellent choice for those who do not want to leave their pets at home. And if you have booked a room at our hotel, we will do everything to ensure that your ponytail spends time in a calm and comfortable environment.

However, in our hotel there are a number of rules for tourists with animals:

- we can accommodate your pet (cat or dog) in a room of any category if your furry companion weighs no more than 10 kg (with the exception of guide dogs and service dogs);

- mark check-in with an animal at the booking stage and inform us a couple of days before arrival that you will be accompanied by a four-legged friend.

Pet-friendly restaurants in St. Petersburg

Don't want to leave your pet alone at the hotel? There are restaurants in St. Petersburg where animals will be just as welcome as you. Moreover, some establishments offer special menus for pets, and sometimes even organize events for furry guests.

Some of these locations:

1. The Stepnov restaurant is named after Pavel Stepnov and offers dishes of Russian and European cuisine.

Address: Suvorovsky pr., 25/16

2. Coffee house "Civil" offers breakfast from morning to evening, exquisite wine and a cozy atmosphere with loft-style furnishings.

Address: st. 8th Soviet 4

3. The “Taste of Art” coffee shop combines a creative art studio, where you can read a book or listen to a lecture on art, and a cafe with desserts and delicious coffee.

Address: Suvorovsky pr., 15

Pet-friendly parks in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is famous for its picturesque parks, where you and your pet can enjoy a walk in the fresh air. However, not all green areas of the city are open to pets.

Pet-friendly parks where your pets will feel comfortable:

1. Primorsky Victory Park is located on Krestovsky Island and occupies a huge green area near the Gulf of Finland.

2. The courtyard of Gostiny Dvor on Nevsky is a must-see, especially in the summer, when a dog park opens here.

3. Benoit 1890 in the Kalininsky district - a public space with co-working space and a real dog-friendly restaurant.

Traveling with a pet will be an unforgettable and joyful experience if you carefully plan your vacation together: book a room in a hotel in St. Petersburg that allows pets, and prepare a list of establishments that welcome guests with cats and dogs.

Remember to take care and attention to your pets - they deserve a great time too!