What is included in the price of hotels in St. Petersburg in 2024

What is included in the price of hotels in St. Petersburg in 2024

In 2022, the average cost of a room in a “star” hotel in St. Petersburg was about 5,000 rubles; in 2023, the supply increased by 14-15%. 2024 also promises us an increase in prices due to the high demand for domestic tourism, however, along with the cost, hotels are trying to improve the quality of their services in order to justify the high price.

What is included in the price of hotels in St. Petersburg in 2024 and how to book accommodation in this city at an affordable price - read our article.

What is the pricing structure for hotels in St. Petersburg?

1. Hotel category.

Two, three, four - hotels in St. Petersburg receive their stars for first-class service and cozy rooms. Therefore, if you want to stay in a premium hotel, prepare for the corresponding cost for booking.

2. Location.

I'm glad that the location of the hotel in St. Petersburg has less and less impact on room prices. And even in the city center, on the street next to Nevsky Prospekt, you can book accommodation for 3,000-5,000 rubles per day.

3. Additional comfort.

In this item we include accommodation with a pet, breakfast, transfer, laundry services that you may need during your trip.

Yes, each additional service is paid, but it increases your comfort during the trip.

What affects the cost of hotels in St. Petersburg in 2024

1. Popularity of the city.

St. Petersburg has firmly established itself at the top of any ranking of the most visited cities among tourists in Russia, especially in recent years.

People come here to enjoy the European atmosphere, solve work problems or just spend the weekend.

2. Loading of hotels.

The highest occupancy is observed in three and four-star hotels: in 2023 it was up to 70%, and in 2024 it threatens to reach 80-85%.

Tourists begin to book accommodation six months to a year before the intended trip, creating high demand and thereby increasing the cost of booking.

3. Hotel expenses.

Don’t forget that utility bills, prices for food and alcohol, and employee salaries increase every year—hotels also incur considerable expenses, and in 2024, hoteliers’ costs may rise by another 20%. Unfortunately, this will also affect the room rates.

4. Resort fee.

From April 1, 2024, a resort fee of 100 rubles per tourist for each day of stay in the northern capital will be introduced in St. Petersburg. Hotel operators will collect the new tax and include it in the cost of their stay.

How to save money on your booking despite price increases? Pay for your room in advance, use the loyalty program at the Express Sadovaya Hotel and enjoy an affordable vacation in St. Petersburg.