Choose a hotel with parking and go to St. Petersburg by car

Choose a hotel with parking and go to St. Petersburg by car

A trip to St. Petersburg by car can be a fun and memorable experience for you. However, organizing such a trip requires careful preliminary preparation, where one of the important aspects is the search for accommodation.

Choosing a hotel in St. Petersburg with parking will significantly simplify your task, allowing you to leave your car in a safe and convenient place, minimizing the problems of finding a parking space in the city center.

Booking a hotel in St. Petersburg with parking

At the first stage, when choosing a hotel in St. Petersburg, you should make sure that one is equipped with parking spaces.

Study the information on the hotel website, contact the manager to clarify the availability and characteristics of parking: its size, security, tariffs and availability.

It is also worth familiarizing yourself with the types of parking that may be available at the hotel or nearby: underground, surface, indoor, outdoor. This will allow you to choose the most suitable option depending on your preferences and needs.

Also, feel free to ask if parking is included in the price of your stay or if an additional fee is required.

Features of traveling in St. Petersburg by car

St. Petersburg is a large metropolis, so it is worth considering the peculiarities of driving in the city by car:

1. Many streets in the center, as well as along the embankments, have only one-way traffic. Therefore, it is not worth driving and performing maneuvers here.

2. The width of the road in central areas is often further narrowed by cars parked on the sides.

3. On the main streets of St. Petersburg (for example, Nevsky, Liteiny Prospekts) in many places you cannot turn left. Use a navigator to avoid getting lost.

4. During the navigation period, it is better not to use a car and get to the side you need before the bridges are raised. Otherwise you will have to go around the ring road.

5. Finding parking in the center of St. Petersburg near the hotel, as in any large city, is difficult. Sometimes this can take hours.

Despite all the difficulties, having a car significantly expands the possibilities for traveling outside the city, allowing you to comfortably get to any attractions.

Go to the Express Sadovaya Hotel website, carefully study the parking rules and book a hotel room in the very center of the city. And we will do everything to make your stay comfortable and safe.