With or without meals: which room to book in a St. Petersburg hotel

With or without meals: which room to book in a St. Petersburg hotel

With or without food? When choosing a hotel in St. Petersburg, many travelers are faced with a difficult choice.

A room with breakfast is an opportunity to save time and money, and a rate without meals will allow you to enjoy the gastronomic culture of the northern capital. Choosing the right option depends on your preferences, budget and lifestyle.

Hotel in St. Petersburg with meals

1. Convenience

One of the main advantages of a room with meals is convenience. You don't have to worry about finding breakfast, lunch or dinner, the hotel will take care of it for you.

All you have to do is go down to the hotel restaurant, take your usual table and order the dishes you like.

2. Time saving

The “room with breakfast” rate allows you to save time that you would spend every day searching for a restaurant or cafe with a suitable menu and prices.

3. Financial benefit

A room with breakfast will cost you much less than eating out. Typically, the cost of the first meal in St. Petersburg hotels starts from 300 rubles, while the average bill for any establishment in the city is not less than 500 rubles.

Hotel in St. Petersburg without meals

1. Flexibility

One of the main advantages of a room without meals is freedom of choice. You can plan your day and your meals according to your preferences and schedule, without being limited by the hotel restaurant's schedule.

2. Research local cuisine

By staying in a room without meals, you get the opportunity to explore local cuisine, visit various restaurants and cafes, discovering new tastes and culinary traditions of St. Petersburg.

3. Savings

In some cases, choosing a room without meals will cost you less if you plan to visit budget eateries and fast food establishments. However, such establishments do not guarantee you the variety of the menu and the quality of the ingredients.

When making your final decision, pay attention to the offers of hotels in St. Petersburg:

- what kind of food do they offer: only breakfast or options with lunch and dinner;

- how diverse is the menu: are there any dietary items;

- How much does a room cost with meals?

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