To St. Petersburg with a pet: how to find a pet-friendly hotel and prepare for traveling with a pet

To St. Petersburg with a pet: how to find a pet-friendly hotel and prepare for traveling with a pet

Traveling to St. Petersburg with a pet can be a memorable experience for both you and your pet. However, so that this experience is not sad, and your vacation brings only positive emotions, you need to plan everything in advance.

How to find a hotel in St. Petersburg that allows pets? How to prepare your pet for a trip? Read about all this in our article.

Search for pet-friendly hotels in St. Petersburg

The first step in preparing for your trip to St. Petersburg is to find a suitable hotel that accepts pets.

To find a suitable option, you can book a room:

- online: this way you will save time and be able to customize your search for a pet-friendly hotel using filters;

- through services for travelers: there is always a large selection of hotels in St. Petersburg where pets are allowed;

- through the official website of the hotel: to familiarize yourself in detail with all the conditions for checking in with a pet, which are often not indicated on the resources of third-party services.

Preparing your pet for a trip to St. Petersburg

How does your pet cope with travel and unfamiliar surroundings? Have you ever flown on a plane together before?

Before you go on such an emotional journey, make sure your four-legged friend is ready for it.

In what cases should you not take a dog or cat on vacation:

- if the animal is not socialized, it reacts negatively to unfamiliar terrain and people;

- if you have not previously traveled anywhere together;

- if you have not attended classes with a dog trainer, and your pet does not listen to you.

In addition, if you plan to travel to St. Petersburg by plane, most airlines will refuse to allow you to board a dog of a brachycephalic breed (with a flattened muzzle).

Preparing your suitcase for a trip to St. Petersburg

Prepare a special container or carrier for travel where your pet will feel comfortable and safe. Also make sure that your pet has all the necessary things: food, bowls, toys, leash, care and hygiene products.

Preparation of documents

Any hotel in St. Petersburg where you can stay with an animal will require a veterinary passport upon check-in.

It must contain up-to-date information about:

- the pet itself: name, date of birth, breed, special features, electronic chip (rarely requested);

- vaccinations against: rabies, plague, hepatitis, enteritis, parvovirus and adenovirus infections, leptospirosis, panleukopenia.

- antiparasitic treatment: against fleas, ticks and helminths.

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