Features of family hotels in St. Petersburg

Features of family hotels in St. Petersburg

A family vacation is a special time when you can forget about everyday work and share the joy of a trip with those closest to you.

St. Petersburg offers a variety of family hotels, specially created for the relaxation of parents and children. Read our article about their features and advantages.

Atmosphere and design

Family hotels in St. Petersburg usually have a cozy and relaxing design. Here you will not find flashy colors and decorations. Every element of the interior is aimed at a comfortable stay for guests of all ages.

Spacious rooms in family hotels in St. Petersburg

Be sure to choose a family room with separate beds for parents and children to have a quality rest in St. Petersburg.

How is it different from other rooms in the hotel:

- it is much more spacious, even with several beds;

- it has additional amenities for children: tables where you can draw, children's chairs and stands at the sink, children's hygiene items, and so on.

Facilities for children in family hotels in St. Petersburg

Family-oriented hotels take great care to ensure that every guest, even the smallest one, feels comfortable and cozy.

Family hotels in St. Petersburg often have children's playrooms and sports areas for fun games. They also offer animation programs and even babysitting services.

Restaurant menu

Family hotels in St. Petersburg always have a special children's menu that takes into account the nutritional needs and preferences of children.

Safety and convenience

Family hotels provide high security standards, which include:

- security of the building and surrounding area;

- fire safety;

- safe environment: locks on doors and windows;

- the opportunity to receive medical care.

Choosing a family hotel in St. Petersburg

When choosing the perfect place to stay for the whole family, pay attention to the ratings and reviews of other travelers. Find out by phone or on the hotel website what services and amenities are provided above the rate for married couples.

For example, if you are traveling with an infant, check the availability of a special crib with sides. If your child is following a strict diet due to health conditions, the hotel restaurant should have an appropriate menu.

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