Buy tickets, rent a hotel in the center - make a checklist for preparing for your vacation in St. Petersburg

Buy tickets, rent a hotel in the center - make a checklist for preparing for your vacation in St. Petersburg

What should the ideal vacation be like? With a rich excursion program, a good hotel and cheap tickets. And a good vacation is a carefully prepared vacation.

Let's put together a checklist for preparing for your trip to St. Petersburg so that your stay in the city on the Neva will be unforgettable and carefree.

Planning and booking a hotel in the center of St. Petersburg

Rent a hotel in the center of St. Petersburg

The northern capital offers a wide selection of hotels, apartments and hostels that can be booked several months before your upcoming trip.

Choose the Express Sadovaya hotel if you want to spend days in the historical center of St. Petersburg, close to its significant attractions.

To buy tickets

Are you planning to get to St. Petersburg by train? Russian Railways opens ticket sales 90 days before departure. Air tickets can be purchased 360 days before the flight, but this option is not available from all companies.

In any case, look for favorable prices on the websites of various services from Aviasales to Ozon Travel to find tickets at the best price.

Preparation of things and documents


Prepare your passport, medical insurance, paper and electronic tickets for transport, museums and other events.

Clothes and shoes

St. Petersburg is known for its changeable weather. Therefore, take both light and warm clothes with you on your trip. Take into account possible precipitation and do not forget about an umbrella.

Shoes should be warm, waterproof and well cushioned so that your feet do not get tired while walking.


Excursions and activities

St. Petersburg offers, without exaggeration, millions of entertainment options. The classics of the northern capital are its famous museums, palace complexes and temples.

If you have previously been to our city and explored the Hermitage inside and out, go to an exhibition of contemporary art or to the museum of Soviet slot machines. The most interesting exhibitions are, of course, in the center.

Don't like museums? How about a bus excursion to Pushkin, to the small homeland of Alexander Sergeevich. Here you can stroll through the territory of the former Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum or the Catherine Palace.

Food and restaurants

The gastronomic life of St. Petersburg is no less rich. Whether you love fresh seafood with fine wine or prefer classic Russian cuisine, you will find everything here.

In St. Petersburg, we recommend trying smelt, it is especially tasty in season, drinking coffee with crumpets, or going for brunch at a trendy cafe in the center.

Health and Safety

Medical insurance

To visit St. Petersburg you do not need medical insurance, but a medical insurance policy is as required as a passport.

The compulsory medical insurance policy is valid throughout Russia, so if necessary, you can go to a hospital other than your registration.


St. Petersburg is a large and fairly safe tourist city. However, even here we should not forget about standard safety rules:

- choose proven excursion companies;

- order a taxi only through the application;

- order cocktails in bars yourself and do not accept drinks from strangers;

- try to walk at night only along central and busy streets.

Are you planning a trip to St. Petersburg? Go to the Express Sadovaya Hotel website to rent a hotel in the center of the northern capital and enjoy comfortable living conditions.