How to book a room online for the Christmas holidays

How to book a room online for the Christmas holidays

During the New Year holidays, many go on vacation to tropical resorts, ski slopes, or stay at home with family. However, St. Petersburg still remains at the top of the ranking of popular cities during the New Year holidays.

How to profitably book a room online in one of the hotels in St. Petersburg and spend an unforgettable Christmas holiday - we tell you in the article.

Book in advance

We repeat this rule like a mantra in each of our articles, because early booking is a must for those who want to save on accommodation on vacation, especially during the New Year holidays.

If you plan to spend time in St. Petersburg at the end of December or beginning of January, when the demand for hotels in the city is extremely high, start looking for accommodation in the summer. Ideally you book online no later than October.

A similar rule applies to purchases of ready-made tours. Don't wait for last-minute deals; book your trip and room online in advance.

Contact a tour operator

Are you going to St. Petersburg for the first time? Don't know which hotel to choose or which museums to visit? In this case, the manager at the travel agency is your indispensable assistant in finding a budget tour and organizing a vacation.

Why is it sometimes more profitable than booking on your own? Travel agencies often buy seats on trains, planes and hotel rooms in advance, so they can offer their clients inexpensive trips.

Use date selection when purchasing air tickets

A life hack for those who have not yet signed a vacation application with exact dates is to use the departure/arrival dates offered by the plane ticket search service.

Popular aggregators have a calendar of low prices with convenient tips on when it is best to buy tickets.

Go to St. Petersburg after the holidays

The Christmas atmosphere and decorations in St. Petersburg will last throughout January, so you don’t have to plan your trip during the holidays. The city will be no less beautiful after January 10, and there will be much fewer tourists on the streets.

In addition, vacation after the Christmas holidays will give you a pleasant bonus in the form of reduced hotel prices.

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