Where to rent a hotel and what New Year's entertainment to visit in the center of St. PetersburgWhere to rent a hotel and what New Year's entertainment to visit in the center of St. Petersburg

Why not celebrate the New Year in St. Petersburg? Yes, we understand that you are used to family feasts with a bowl of Olivier and “The Irony of Fate” on December 31st.

However, New Year in St. Petersburg is a unique and definitely memorable experience of welcoming a new year and a new life. You still have time to rent a hotel in the center of St. Petersburg, buy tickets to Christmas performances and spend the winter holidays in our beautiful city.

Read our article about where to go and what to see to get inspired by the New Year’s mood.

Christmas markets

Walking through Christmas markets is more of a European tradition, but it also feels harmonious in St. Petersburg.

The Christmas market is a great opportunity to create a holiday feeling, stroll through the beautifully decorated area, buy hot drinks and other treats.

In St. Petersburg, such fairs are held on Manezhnaya, Dvortsovaya and Moskovskaya squares.


Skating rink is another popular entertainment in St. Petersburg in winter. Ice skating areas open in most parks in the city, but the most beautiful ones are located:

- in New Holland;

- on Elagin Island;

- on Krestovsky Island near the Flagpole;

- in Gostiny Dvor.


The Nutcracker ballet is a mandatory program during the New Year holidays. You can watch the classic production at the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg.

We just warn you that the popularity of the ballet is too high, so you need to buy tickets in advance.

New Year's Eve

You can celebrate the main holiday of the year both in the hotel and on the city street. If you choose the second option, take champagne, tangerines and go to Palace Square.

Since this is the most popular place to celebrate the New Year, there are always a lot of people, animators, festive music and atmosphere.

In the footsteps of "The Irony of Fate"

We couldn't ignore this cult film. If you have never watched “The Irony of Fate,” please correct this mistake immediately. And if you have looked and are planning to spend the winter holidays in St. Petersburg, then we have prepared for you an interesting Nadya route around Leningrad in January. The walk will take a couple of hours, so don't forget to dress warmly and take gloves.

Despite the fact that the film takes place in St. Petersburg, we see little of the city. And only Nadya’s quiet and thoughtful walk through deserted Leningrad allows us to enjoy the beauty of the northern capital on the morning of January 1st.

The main character goes for a walk around the city for a reason. Nadya wants to quickly get rid of the Moscow guest who burst into her life so abruptly and noisily. She goes to the ticket office on the Griboyedov Channel to buy a ticket for Zhenya Lukashin and send him home to Moscow.

Having bought a ticket, she goes out into the street, and we see the dome of the Kazan Cathedral in the frame. The next shot - and here Nadya is slowly walking along Alexander Square, passing by St. Isaac's Cathedral and heading towards Semymosti, next to which the Express Sadovaya hotel is located.

He ends his walk on the banks of the Neva, on the territory of the Peter and Paul Fortress.

Nadya’s walk from “The Irony of Fate” turned out to be quite chaotic, and we suggest that you book a hotel in the center of St. Petersburg in advance and think about entertainment for these New Year holidays.

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