Profitable hotel booking in St. Petersburg: where to go in winter if you live in the center

Profitable hotel booking in St. Petersburg: where to go in winter if you live in the center

St. Petersburg is no less beautiful in winter. Starting in December, the city on the Neva dresses up in New Year's lights, snow-covered streets and other decorations.

And don’t let the minus on the thermometer scare you, even in winter frosts the northern capital offers a lot of entertainment for tourists. Where to find profitable hotel reservations and where to go in St. Petersburg during the winter holidays - read our article.

Gallery on Ligovsky Prospekt

Yes, yes, we decided to start our selection not with the Hermitage or Nevsky Prospect. The shopping and entertainment center "Gallery" is located on Ligovsky Prospekt 30A and is the largest store with boutiques in St. Petersburg.

What to do here in winter? Firstly, this is an ideal place to warm up after a walk around the center. Secondly, on the top floor of the “Gallery” there is a food court with many restaurants. In addition, the shopping center presents all the most popular brands from both the mass market and the premium segment.

Greenhouse of the Tauride Garden

If in winter you miss summer and warmth, go on an excursion to the Orangery of the Tauride Garden. Here you can enjoy the lush greenery and visit one of the botanical exhibitions.

The greenhouse is popular not only for walking. Photo shoots and even Garden of Eden-themed weddings are often held in her building.

Ice rink

There are several skating rinks in St. Petersburg, but the most interesting of them are located in:

- Tauride Garden (you can go for a ride immediately after the tour of the Orangery);

- New Holland;

- Sevkabel Porte (right by the sea);

- Okhta Park;

- Nikolsky Rows* (next to the Express Sadovaya hotel).

Check the cost, opening hours and the possibility of renting skates on the official websites of entertainment centers.

* For guests of the Express Sadovaya Hotel there is a special winter offer “Room with breakfast and a 15% discount on the skating rink in Nikolsky Rows.”

Ski resorts

For lovers of active recreation, even in winter frosts, we can offer one of the ski resorts in the vicinity of St. Petersburg:

- Okhta Park;

One of the popular resorts among St. Petersburg residents. The slopes here are small, ideal for those just learning to ski.

- Igora;

The fashionable ski resort offers not only 5 types of slopes, but also cafes, restaurants and even a spa.

- Red Lake;

People come to the slopes off the shores of Red Lake both for the weekend to ski and enjoy the winter, and for a long time by booking a room in a local sanatorium.

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