What are the criteria for choosing a conference room in St. Petersburg for a corporate event?

What are the criteria for choosing a conference room in St. Petersburg for a corporate event?

A corporate event is definitely a significant event for a company. They prepare for it in advance, think through the program in detail and devote a lot of time to finding a suitable place to hold the event.

Why is a hotel with a conference room in St. Petersburg an ideal option for a corporate event? Read our article.

Which room to choose

A corporate party is always a welcome part with speeches from managers, summing up and presentation of gifts, and only then comes dancing, a buffet reception and an entertainment program. Therefore, you can spend the first part in a conference room with all the necessary equipment and microphones, and then move to the hotel restaurant.

The first criterion you need to pay attention to is, of course, the size of the room. Decide on the guest list in advance so that each person does not feel stuffy and cramped.

Next is the location. A conference hall in the center of St. Petersburg is comfortable, beautiful, and you can arrange a photo session against the backdrop of pre-revolutionary architecture. In addition, the center is easily accessible from any area of the city.

It is also worth paying attention to the additional services that the hotel provides. Is it possible to organize transfers for event guests? Is it possible to accommodate employees who live outside the city or in another region?

How to organize a corporate event

If the premises for a corporate party are the first 50% of the success of the event, then the holiday program is the second 50%.

Corporate events motivate employees, allow them to relax and communicate with colleagues in an informal and more comfortable environment. And if this is a New Year’s corporate party, then you, as management, have a good opportunity to thank your colleagues for their fruitful work, even if not all indicators were achieved.

To ensure that everyone in the company likes your corporate event:

- use the services of an event agency if there are no experienced organizers on staff;

- determine the purpose of the corporate event: meet new employees, celebrate the company’s anniversary or the New Year;

- consider the needs of the target audience of your event (especially food and drinks);

- select the holiday format: “team building” style, costume party, master class, intellectual games;

- prepare nice gifts: just like that, for participating in a competition or for fulfilling a plan.

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