Hotel with a conference room: how to organize a presentation of your product correctly

Hotel with a conference room: how to organize a presentation of your product correctly

A properly organized presentation can be a key point in promoting a product or service and in attracting new clients and partners.

How to competently organize such an event and choose a suitable place for it – we tell you in the article.

Hotel with conference room

Yes, yes, a hotel conference room is an ideal choice for any event, and here’s why:

- hotels are located in convenient areas (near a bus stop, metro station or parking lot);

- by booking a conference room at a hotel, you get not only the room itself, but also the services of the staff, and they will definitely be useful to you;

- hotels often provide all the necessary technical means for showing presentations and performances, so you do not need to spend money and time searching for equipment;

- it’s easier to organize a coffee break or a gala dinner at the hotel;

- if you and your guests come to the event from other regions, the hotel will provide you with not only a conference room, but also cozy rooms.


How to make a presentation that sells your product? First, ditch the canvases of text in Power Point. They no longer impress anyone.

Secondly, use our recommendations:

1. Create a presentation according to the structure:

- USP of the product;

- problems that this product solves;

- your offer: favorable terms of purchase, discounts;

- briefly about the company;

- what are your advantages and why you create a quality product;

- successful cases;

- terms of cooperation;

- contacts.

2. Engage your audience with compelling infographics, videos, and live performances. And under no circumstances read the text from the screen!

3. Create interactive experiences. Your event audience shouldn't just sit silently and stare at a screen.

Keep them involved in the presentation at all times. For example, add a slide with a QR code that links to your website. Offer generous discounts to those who sign up now. This way you will get a good base of potential buyers and first sales.

Event program

Think over not only a high-quality presentation, but also the overall program of the event.

Typically it should include:

- time to welcome guests (delegate this task to the staff of the hotel where you are holding the event);

- conducting the presentation itself (don’t forget to tell us a little about yourself and why you are presenting the product);

- opportunity to ask questions;

- product testing;

- free time for communication.

Don't forget to bring drinks and light snacks, even if your event is only a couple of hours long. At the end of the presentation, hand out business cards, brochures, and product samples to everyone.

In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that choosing a hotel with a conference room for a presentation is one of the key points in organizing a successful event. Go to the Express Sadovaya Hotel website, in the “Conferences” section, and book a room that suits your needs and budget.