How to choose a conference room in St. Petersburg for conducting trainingHow to choose a conference room in St. Petersburg for conducting training

Thorough preparation is the key to effective training. It is important to consider everything: from the equipment and comfortable chairs to the brand of coffee you will serve during the coffee break.

However, the main point of organizing such an event will be the search and rental of a conference room in St. Petersburg. Read our article on how to choose the ideal room and create comfortable conditions for training participants.


One of the primary factors when choosing a conference room in St. Petersburg is its location. Choose a room that will be conveniently accessible from any area of the city. Ideally, there will be a public transport stop (or metro station) and free parking next to the building, especially if you have booked a hall in the center of St. Petersburg.


The second most important point is the square footage of the room. Don’t try to “push” as many people as possible into one room. In a crowded and stuffy environment, no one will listen to you.

Make sure that each guest has their own seat (at least a chair), enough space to spread out things and write something down for you.

If there are many more guests than the conference room can accommodate, divide the training participants into groups and speak several times.


Educational training includes presentation and speaking to a large audience. Therefore, choose a conference room in St. Petersburg, the rental of which includes audio and video equipment, a projector, an interactive whiteboard or screen, free Internet access and other technical means. Purchasing or booking equipment separately will cost you more.

Other amenities

Taking care of the guests of your event is not only a conference room with modern renovation and comfortable chairs. Even if your training is only two hours long, make sure to provide drinks and light snacks for your guests. Give everyone training materials, certificates with discounts on your products or upcoming trainings.

When planning a full-day performance, organize a full lunch for the event participants or a break so they can go to a nearby café for lunch. If you rent a conference room at a hotel, negotiate with the manager about a discount on a business lunch at a local restaurant for training guests.

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