How much does a hotel cost in St. Petersburg in different seasons of the year

How much does a hotel cost in St. Petersburg in different seasons of the year

St. Petersburg is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. This city has many amazing sights, cultural and historical places, and staying in a comfortable hotel here is one of the best ways to enjoy everything that the northern capital has to offer.

However, the cost of staying in hotels in St. Petersburg may vary depending on the season of the year, rain, snow, sun and other climatic conditions. How much a hotel costs in St. Petersburg at different times of the year – we tell you in the article.


The spring months are one of the most popular seasons in the northern capital. The city is waking up after a long and gray winter, tourists are starting to walk more, enjoy the warm weather and the beauty of spring St. Petersburg.

Starting in April and as we approach the White Nights, hotel prices begin to rise sharply, especially in the city center. For a room in a mid-class hotel you can pay from 3,000 to 5,000 rubles per night. More luxurious hotels offer rooms from 7,000 rubles and above.

How to enjoy the white nights in St. Petersburg and not overpay for accommodation? Book a hotel in the city center at least 3 months before your upcoming trip.


Moving on to the summer season, hotel prices in St. Petersburg may vary depending on the month. In June, the city hosts a major economic forum, which sharply increases the demand for all hotels in the city among event participants and listeners.

In July and August, the northern capital turns into a real seaside resort. St. Petersburg residents and tourists strive to spend time closer to the bay; the city hosts many street events and festivals. During these months, prices for hotels in the center start from 4,000 rubles and reach 10,000 rubles and above.


With the arrival of cooler weather, there are no longer many tourists in St. Petersburg, since the weather becomes unpredictable and often rainy. Along with the end of the Indian summer, the demand for hotels in the city decreases.

At this time of year, you can find many great deals on both middle-class hotels and 4, 5-star hotels, where room rates start from 2,000 rubles.


Winter in St. Petersburg is the time of a real Christmas fairy tale. Already in the first days of December, the city dresses up with Christmas trees and garlands. Atmospheric skating rinks and fairs open in the parks. Despite the frosty weather, there are no fewer people on the streets.

Winter holidays attract many tourists from all over the country, which, of course, affects how much hotel rooms in St. Petersburg cost. On New Year and Christmas, do not be surprised by price tags of 8,000 rubles and above. In hotels below the middle segment, a simple room will cost from 3,000 rubles.

How then can you book a room at a good price and celebrate the New Year in St. Petersburg? Catch discounts and great deals already in the fall. Hotels begin to announce New Year holidays in October, I suggest booking accommodation with them in advance at a good price.

The cost of staying at a hotel in St. Petersburg depends not only on the time of year. And in order not to wait for a profitable season and not to overpay, go to the website of the Express Sadovaya hotel and choose a comfortable room in the city center at a favorable price.