Hotel for daily rent in St. Petersburg: we talk about the pros and cons

Hotel for daily rent in St. Petersburg: we talk about the pros and cons

Hotels offering daily accommodation remain popular among tourists visiting St. Petersburg.

This type of accommodation has its advantages and disadvantages, which are important to know about before booking. Read more about them in our article.

Advantages of daily accommodation

- flexibility of stay;

One of the main advantages is the possibility of flexible choice of period of stay. This is especially beneficial for those who do not plan to stay in the city for a long time.

- convenience and comfort;

By choosing the daily payment option, you receive all the same amenities and level of service as tourists with long stays.

- saving time and money;

A hotel for rent can be a cost-effective solution. People who are “passing through” in St. Petersburg or come to a business conference for a couple of days can save a lot on accommodation, since they pay only for the actual period of stay.

- proximity to attractions;

If you are planning to stay in St. Petersburg for a short period of time and book a hotel for daily rent, choose one of the districts of the historical center so that even in a couple of days you can see as many tourist locations of the northern capital as possible.

Disadvantages of daily rent hotels

- limited choice;

Not all hotels in St. Petersburg are ready to accept daily payments. Therefore, tourists choosing this type of accommodation will have a limited choice of places to stay.

You will also definitely encounter limited choice if you plan to visit St. Petersburg during the popular tourist season or during public events.

- high prices;

Hotels are much better off if you stay with them for a long time. And to motivate you to do this, they will offer you free breakfast, airport transfers and other nice bonuses, including low prices for accommodation.

When choosing a hotel for daily rent, be prepared for inflated room prices.

- difficulty in renewing the number;

One of the main disadvantages of daily rentals is the low probability of renewing a room in the same hotel.

Hotels in St. Petersburg are in demand all year round, and their rooms are often booked several months in advance. If you paid for accommodation for 1-2 days and wanted to stay in St. Petersburg longer, the hotel cannot guarantee you availability of rooms.

A couple of days is not enough to enjoy St. Petersburg. If you are planning a trip to the northern capital, set aside at least a week to see all the beauties of the city on the Neva.

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