How to distinguish between real and fake reviews when booking hotels

How to distinguish between real and fake reviews when booking hotels

Reviews are your tool when booking hotels in any city in the world. However, this tool is often used not only by travelers, but also by unscrupulous hotels, trying to lure customers.

When booking a hotel, it is important to be able to distinguish between real and fake reviews so that you can choose a room in a really good location. We tell you what to pay attention to in the article.

Signs of real reviews

- detailing;

These reviews contain a detailed description of every little detail: from the flooring in the room to the cleanliness of the mirrors in the bathroom. Pay attention to how detailed the user talks about his experience of staying at a particular hotel.

- variety;

These reviews are written by different people: women, men, teenagers, users of the older age group, and so on.

- realism;

Real reviews often contain both positive and negative things about a hotel, since no place can satisfy the wishes of all guests.

- personal details;

These reviews may contain personal details of the stay, such as date of stay, room type, etc.

- Photo and video;

Reviews with photographs or videos are especially valuable, since with their help you can see the real situation in the hotel, the quality of repairs and cleanliness.

Factors indicating fake reviews

- emotionality;

Fake reviews can be overly positive or negative, and often lack any specifics. If you read an ode about a hotel, there is a high probability that it was written by a copywriter for a salary.

- a lot of reviews in a short period of time;

If a hotel receives many reviews in a short period of time, this may indicate manipulation.

- use of identical phrases;

Fake reviews may contain the same phrases or phrases.

- lack of details;

Fake reviews are a collection of common phrases, epithets and metaphors. They are short and lack useful information.

We check the authenticity of reviews

To verify the reality of reviews, you can use several methods:

- check the profile of the user who left the review to make sure he is active on the site;

- look for reviews from the same users on other platforms;

- start a dialogue with the user: ask him for clarifying details under the review or write in private messages.

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