Booking hotels online or by phone: pros and cons

Booking hotels online or by phone: pros and cons

Today, booking hotels online is one of the most popular ways to organize your vacation. You no longer need to contact and pay for travel agency services. All you need to do is download a search engine, book accommodation, transport tickets and even a private tour of the Hermitage.

Why then do people continue to call hotels directly and make reservations over the phone? We tell you the pros and cons of both methods of renting housing.

Online hotel booking

- it’s convenient and fast;

You can book a trip from home, at work, on public transport or in line at the checkout counter at a store. Online bookings make travel more affordable.

- unlimited choice;

Online services offer a wide selection of hotels: from budget hostels to luxury 4 and 5 star hotels.

- price comparison;

Another advantage of booking a hotel online is the ability to compare prices on different resources and choose a more budget-friendly option for yourself. You can compare prices either manually or through special services, such as Trivago or Tripadviser.

- reviews;

Reviews are a proven tool for finding accommodation. With their help, you can find out the real situation in a particular hotel, the level of service, the cleanliness and politeness of the staff.

However, there are also disadvantages to online booking. For example, some travelers prefer personal contact with the hotel manager and do not trust third-party services. In addition, the information provided on booking sites may sometimes not be accurate or up to date.

Booking hotels by phone

- “personal” contact with the hotel;

When you talk with a hotel employee, you have the opportunity to ask all your questions, convey your check-in wishes and clarify the booking conditions.

- special requests;

When booking online, the user is limited to the form for filling out the data, which is offered to him by the hotel or aggregator website. Over the phone, you can voice your individual needs: the availability of a crib or changing table, fresh flowers or a certain brand of tea in the minibar.

What are the disadvantages of booking a room by phone? Firstly, you will spend a lot more time and effort to find a suitable hotel. You'll have to call dozens of places before you find the one. Additionally, you will be limited to hotel opening hours. Not all hotels operate 24 hours a day.

And finally, most hotels have an online system for booking and paying for a room. The manager will ask you to go to the website, select and pay for a number online.

Choose to book hotels online and, without unnecessary worries and wasting time, enjoy a well-organized vacation. Go to the official website of Express Sadovaya Hotel and book a room in the center of St. Petersburg at a competitive price.