Book a hotel room in St. Petersburg with breakfast and start the day right

Book a hotel room in St. Petersburg with breakfast and start the day right

Choosing a hotel with breakfast in St. Petersburg is a great way to start the day with healthy and satisfying food, which is especially important if you plan to walk a lot and explore the architecture of the northern capital on foot.

What other benefits does a hotel guest receive when booking a room with breakfast in St. Petersburg? We’ll tell you in the article.

Pros of renting a room with breakfast

Booking a room with breakfast can provide you with several benefits:

- saving time and money: adding breakfast to the room price, you significantly save time and money on finding a cafe or restaurant with a suitable menu;

- convenience and comfort: breakfast at the hotel will be especially appreciated by couples with children or those tourists who have limited time to eat in the morning;

- variety and choice: many hotels offer a variety of buffet breakfasts, including hot and cold dishes, fruits, yoghurts, pastries and much more.

At the Express Sadovaya Hotel, breakfast is served at the Express Cafe & Bar from early morning. If you forgot to include it in your room rate, please contact the front desk to add the service to your booking.

Planning breakfast at the hotel

To start your day off right with your hotel breakfast, follow these tips:

1. Before booking a room, check the time and place where breakfast will be served. Some hotels offer breakfast in the restaurant, while others offer food delivered to your room. Choose what is most convenient for you and your family.

2. Before you start breakfast, study the menu and choose healthy and balanced dishes. In the morning, give preference to complex carbohydrates, proteins, fresh vegetables and fruits, which will give you energy and nutrients for an active day in the city.

3. In addition to eating, make sure you drink enough fluids. Water is an important component of a healthy diet, especially if you walk many miles during the day.

Additional recommendations

1. Keep a daily routine, even during vacation, so that you have enough time in the morning for a leisurely breakfast.

2. Don't overeat. Let your breakfast be hearty, but do not overload yourself with baked goods and other foods that are difficult for the gastrointestinal tract.

3. Enjoy the moment. Take your time, enjoy the morning hours, chatting with family or friends.

Booking a hotel room in St. Petersburg with breakfast is a great way to start the day right. Let your trip to the city on the Neva be filled with energy and pleasant impressions from the very morning!