If the great cities of Europe competed for the title of "the most beautiful", St. Petersburg would be in first place. The combination of history, culture and modern life are the elements that make visiting St. Petersburg incredible and interesting. In the midst of a new era of cultural expression, majestic historic buildings and classical artistic traditions are still preserved and passed down from generation to generation.

1. Palaces of St. Petersburg

The Winter Palace is one of the most popular palaces in St. Petersburg. It used to be the imperial residence of the tsars and the main attraction of the Hermitage.

The Mikhailovsky Palace and the Russian Museum boast rich Russian fine art. There are famous paintings, as well as samples of fabrics and old coins.

Yusupov Palace - formerly the venue for diplomatic meetings.

Yelagin Palace. The palace hosts many events, including music festivals and backyard parties.

The Marble Palace has an impressive marble hall and room. More than thirty types of marble were used for the construction and decoration of the palace, which is also part of the Russian Museum.

2. Palace Square

Palace Square is a public space where the main historical events of Russia took place. In order to quickly get to it, it is better to book a hotel in the center of St. Petersburg on the official website. Since this is the main square of the city, various large-scale events are held here from time to time. Palace Square is considered one of the most breathtaking architectural and historical ensembles in the world. It combines several architectural styles: baroque and neoclassicism.

3. Northern Venice

St. Petersburg has a network of stunning canals and bridges. We recommend that you book a hotel in the center of St. Petersburg and take some time for a leisurely walk along the canals. Book a cruise and you'll see most of the city's famous sights along the way.

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