Choosing a family room in a hotel in St. Petersburg: search criteria

Choosing a family room in a hotel in St. Petersburg: search criteria

Traveling with family has become an integral part of modern life. A vacation or short trip provides an opportunity to relax, unwind and enjoy new experiences with loved ones.

One of the important aspects of planning a family vacation is choosing the right hotel. What criteria should you use to choose a hotel room in St. Petersburg for a large family – we will tell you in the article.

Room size

The room should be spacious and comfortable so that every family member can feel free.

Make sure your room has enough bedding and ask the hotel in advance to provide a crib for an infant or extra beds for older children.

Room amenities

When choosing a family apartment, pay attention to the amenities and services included in the booking price. Having your own bathroom, hairdryer, microwave and kettle for preparing baby food will significantly increase the comfort of your stay.

Do not hesitate to ask the hotel manager for additional household appliances or dishes.

Hotel location

Location is another important factor when choosing a family room in a St. Petersburg hotel. We recommend choosing a tourist area where the most attractions, shopping centers with playrooms and mother and child rooms are concentrated.

When choosing a hotel in a remote area, remember that you will have to spend time traveling on public transport every day. But with a child in your arms it is not always easy.

Children's entertainment and services at the hotel

Explore what children's activities and services are available at the hotel. Some hotels have game rooms, swimming pools, animation programs or even children's clubs. They will entertain your children and make your stay more enjoyable and relaxing.

Safety and security

Safety during a family vacation is one of the important points when choosing a hotel. Find out in advance what security measures the hotel takes, whether it has security, a video surveillance system and limited access to the rooms.

This will help you feel confident and relaxed during your stay at the hotel.

Choose a room at the Express Sadovaya Hotel for your vacation in St. Petersburg. For families with children, we offer accommodation in a junior suite with several beds and additional space for the youngest travelers to play.