The perfect choice for a holiday: a hotel in St. Petersburg with a delicious breakfast

The perfect choice for a holiday: a hotel in St. Petersburg with a delicious breakfast

It is impossible to imagine a perfect holiday without delicious food and especially without a good breakfast. The first meal will saturate you for the whole day and give you energy for active hiking, excursions and museums.

Therefore, breakfast should be nutritious and varied, and also included in the price of your stay. Why it is profitable – we tell you in the article.


Most often we wake up hungry, without the strength and desire to look for a suitable cafe with a breakfast menu. Therefore, choosing a room with breakfast, you are sure that your every morning will start with a healthy and satisfying meal.

Breakfast at the hotel is about accessibility. You will not need to look for a cafe with your favorite and familiar dishes every day, spend time on the road. 


Breakfast in St. Petersburg hotels is most often served according to the buffet system. It is convenient both for the hotel and for vacationers.

You can enjoy a variety of drinks, pastries, fresh vegetables and fruits, meat dishes. Regardless of your preferences, you will definitely find something to your taste.

Quality of products

Hotels and inns are particularly careful about quality standards, including what concerns food. To do this, the chefs of the restaurant use only fresh ingredients, seasonal fruits and vegetables, meat and dairy products of local producers in the preparation of dishes.

In addition, the hotels are often checked by employees of regulatory services so that tourists do not worry about the safety and quality of their holidays.


We have already written about saving time searching for cafes with delicious items on the menu. But a room with breakfast included is also a saving of your money.

Such a booking allows you not to spend money on food outside the hotel, which is especially convenient if you are traveling with a family or a group where each participant needs a nutritious breakfast.

Choosing a hotel with breakfast in St. Petersburg is a great opportunity to make your stay even more pleasant and comfortable. A variety of dishes, quality and service, saving time and money, maintaining a healthy lifestyle – all these are the advantages that you will receive if you choose the option of accommodation with meals.

You can add delicious breakfasts at the stage of booking a room at the Express Sadovaya Hotel. The hotel offers its guests healthy and varied dishes in the Express Cafe & Bar restaurant with a view of the Nikolsky Rows courtyard.