Convenience and accessibility: choosing a hotel in St. Petersburg near the metro

Convenience and accessibility: choosing a hotel in St. Petersburg near the metro

When choosing a hotel in St. Petersburg, always pay attention to the proximity to public transport. We recommend walking around the northern capital more, but you will still need a metro or bus to get to another area, train station or airport.

Booking a room in St. Petersburg in a hotel located near the metro and other types of public transport has many advantages. We talk about them in the article.

Easy access to various areas of the city

Due to the proximity to the metro and other types of public transport, you can easily get to other areas and attractions of St. Petersburg, see as many tourist locations as possible and not depend on the weather

Saving time and money

Proximity to public transport allows you to save time and money on moving. By metro, you can get to any part of the city and not be afraid of traffic jams that happen daily in St. Petersburg.

Comfort during travel

After a long journey, with luggage in hand, I want to be on a soft bed in a hotel as soon as possible. 

To quickly get from Pulkovo airport to the center:

1. You can take a taxi. Drivers of various companies are waiting for tourists right at the terminal. However, a car ride to the center will be expensive, even with a popular carrier. Also, this method is not suitable for a large family or a group of friends.

2. It is best to take a high-speed bus (Nos. 39 and 39e) to the nearest metro station. Transport runs daily: from early morning until late at night. The metro also operates 00:30 at night.

If you come to St. Petersburg by train, there is a metro station near each station, from where you can conveniently get to your hotel.

How to get to the Express Sadovaya Hotel

If you are staying at the Express Sadovaya Hotel:

1. From Pulkovo airport;

- take the bus 39 or 39e and get to the stop “Aviation Street”;

- then transfer to bus 50 in the direction of “Theater Square" to the stop “Novo-Nikolsky Bridge".

2. From the Moscow railway station;

- take the bus 181 to the stop "Novo-Nikolsky Bridge".

3. From the Finnish railway station;

- at the stop “Finlyandsky Railway Station – Lenin Square metro station“, take the trolleybus 8, which will take you to the hotel in 25 minutes. We also get off at the stop “Novo-Nikolsky Bridge".

4. From Vitebsk railway station;

- walk 28 minutes along the picturesque Fontanka River embankment;

- by bus 262 from the stop “Vitebsk railway station – Pushkinskaya metro station".

5. From the Baltic railway station;

- walk 22 minutes through the Obvodny Canal and Lermontovsky Prospekt;

- by bus 100 from the stop “Baltic railway station.

What about the subway? The nearest station to the hotel is Sadovaya station, a 15-minute walk away. If you arrive with heavy luggage, we recommend that you take the bus to us for the first time, and then use the metro.

Easy access to various parts of the city, saving time and money – all this makes the Express Sadovaya Hotel an ideal option for travelers who want to explore as many interesting places in St. Petersburg as possible. You can book a room at the best prices on the official website of Express Sadovaya Hotel.