Catherine II's contribution to the development of St. Petersburg

Catherine II, known as the Great, was one of the most influential and progressive rulers in the history of Russia. During her reign from 1762 to 1796, she made a significant contribution to the development of St. Petersburg, which became one of the main centers of culture, science and political life of the country.

Enlightened Absolutism

The period of Catherine's reign was marked by the beginning of the era of enlightened absolutism, when the ruler renounces cruel methods and violence in favor of education, creation and continuous development, which could not but affect the architecture of the city.

Urban planning

Catherine II continued the modernization of St. Petersburg, begun by her predecessors. Moreover, the Empress was not limited to the northern capital. Under her rule, many county and provincial cities were built and renovated.

For St. Petersburg and Moscow, by the decree of Catherine, a Commission on the stone structure of cities began to work. She did not seek to remake or significantly expand St. Petersburg. She planned to improve it qualitatively.

Catherine II continued the construction of new palaces and buildings that became symbols of the city. Some of the most famous projects:

Marble Palace;

Bolshoi (Stone) Theater;

Tauride Palace;

Gostiny dvor.

The Empress also made a significant contribution to the development of urban infrastructure, including the construction of bridges, canals and streets that transformed the urban landscape.

The new look of the city

St. Petersburg in Catherine's plans was to become not just an elegant wrapper of the empire. The city has significantly changed its appearance. Instead of Elizabethan Baroque, strict and functional classicism with antique forms came.

In general, Catherine II's contribution to the development of St. Petersburg was huge. Its active support and financing of projects in the field of architecture, art, science and education have made the city one of the most significant and prestigious in Russia and in the world. St. Petersburg still retains its cultural and historical heritage, which was strengthened during the reign of Catherine II, and remains an important center of culture, education and tourism.

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