Who is the Apostle Peter and why St. Petersburg was named after him

Who is the Apostle Peter and why St. Petersburg was named after him

Many mistakenly think that St. Petersburg was named after Peter I. Of course, the city is completely his creation. If it were not for courage, extensive knowledge in urban planning and fruitful cooperation with foreign masters, St. Petersburg would never have been "born".

Nevertheless, Peter I decided to name the city after St. Peter, one of the apostles of Jesus Christ.

In this article we will talk about the Apostle Peter: his acquaintance with Jesus Christ and the path in Christianity. And also why Alexey Romanov chose an unpopular name for the heir at that time.

Who is the Apostle Peter

The Apostle Peter is one of the most famous and important characters in the history of Christianity. In culture and religion, he is considered one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ and one of the main pillars of the Church.

The biblical story of his life begins with a meeting with Jesus Christ. Peter (then his name was Simon) He was a fisherman when Jesus invited him to become his follower. Peter was one of Jesus' closest and most devoted disciples, and he witnessed many of his miracles and teachings.

However, the most famous event in the life of the apostle is another event. According to legend, Peter rejected Jesus three times, as Jesus himself predicted. However, after the Resurrection, Jesus forgave Peter and entrusted him with the task of strengthening and leading the Church. It was this role of Peter that became his greatest legacy and had a huge impact on the Christian religion.

The Apostle Peter spent the last years of his life in Rome, where he was executed during the persecution of Christians.

Why Peter I named the city after St. Peter

It all began on June 29, 1672, when the young prince was baptized in the Miracle Monastery and named Peter. On this day, the Day of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul was celebrated in Russia, so the choice of name was obvious.

So the apostles Peter and Paul became the patrons of the future emperor. After becoming ruler, Peter I began to build a new city and the first building on the site of the future capital was the wooden church of the Holy Apostles. Later, the Peter and Paul Cathedral was built around it.

And the city was originally called St. Petersburg in the Dutch manner, and only after the death of the great emperor began to use the German version - St. Petersburg.

Despite the official version, the name of the city in all centuries was associated exclusively with Peter I. After all, the emperor managed not only to build a city, but also to radically change life in the country.

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