It's never too late to have breakfast in St. Petersburg. Brunches and brunches for those who like to sleep until noon are available in many places in the center. Now we will tell you more about where you can relax, enjoy delicious food and a leisurely morning.

1) Animals - Nekrasova, 60.

The creators of the institution have their own farm, from which they bring fruits, vegetables and cheeses for the seasonal menu. This is a great place for those who travel and have booked a hotel in the center of St. Petersburg. It is located a little away from the bustle of the city, but still in the center of historical St. Petersburg. Take your pick from the varied menu or savor the signature paneer. This is a homemade Indian cheese that is softer than tofu. In addition, there are many types of egg dishes on the Animals menu. Poached, scrambled and even fried duck eggs.

2) Aster - Mayakovsky 23.

Cafe with its own bakery on Mayakovskogo street. Aster has an open kitchen where breakfasts are prepared and one of the most invigorating coffees is made. In the morning they serve toasts with various fillings, make pancakes and granola. Sweets and pastries are made in their own confectionery: here you can try desserts and buy bread. The windows of the space face the sunny side, in the summer they equip a terrace here. And also Aster dog-friendly cafe.

3) Kiki - Cart st. 8-10.

This is a gastrocultural space that playfully combines Berlin street food and a gastronomic bar in an eclectic interior. One of the main dishes is the neo-döner in the Turkish Ramadan flatbread. In the morning, kiki welcomes you with unusual breakfasts: tomato soup with crispy hot bread with cheese and sesame seeds. During the day, the cafe turns into a place for business meetings or quick lunches. The location is convenient and suitable if you booked a hotel near the center of St. Petersburg with good reviews.

4) Hobz - Nevsky prospect, 160.

This is a small bakery in the heart of St. Petersburg - Nevsky Prospekt. If you don’t care about the bustle of the city and pedestrians passing by, then we advise you to look. Chef Baker Mahmoud Busselmi is in charge of the kitchen. Hobbs bakes different types of bread. The most popular: buckwheat with flax, tartines and croissants. The sourdough for bread is also homemade, and most importantly, without yeast. The bakery has a breakfast menu with several types of cereals and egg dishes. As for drinks, everything is traditional, there is definitely coffee, we checked!

5) Avgvst coffee - Rubinstein, 16.

The cafe is located on one of the busiest streets in St. Petersburg. "Avgvst coffee" has a seasoned interior in a cozy classic style. For breakfast, it is recommended to try skramble with Tambov ham and Danish bun. If you are a fan of seasonal vegetables, then we recommend you to enjoy zucchini pancakes with pastrami and poached egg. Brunch at Avgvst coffee will be a delightful surprise, you won't find your typical set of cereals and cereals here. This place will really brighten up your morning.