From St. Petersburg to Kronstadt: what to see in a small town

From St. Petersburg to Kronstadt: what to see in a small town

Kronstadt is a small town in the Gulf of Finland and an ideal place for a walk in warm sunny weather if you come to St. Petersburg.

Kotlin Island has been a border and a defensive structure for many centuries. The armies of the Swedes and the Novgorod squad met here. Later, the borders of the empire and the future capital were defended by Peter's troops.

Nowadays Kronstadt has turned into a tourist city with well-groomed beaches, ports and ancient structures, which is definitely worth visiting for guests of the Express Sadovaya Hotel.

First mentions

For the first time, the existence of Kronstadt was documented in the 14th century, in the Orekhovsky Peace Treaty, according to which the island became the official border between Russia (then the Novgorod Republic) and Sweden.

Up to the 18th century, little mention was made of Kronstadt, but everything changed in 1703, when Peter decided to build a fortress here. Kotlin* becomes the first defensive line to protect the capital under construction from the Swedish army.

*The name of the island where Kronstadt is located.

Founding of the port city

In 1704, the fortress was completed, consecrated and called Kronshlot. Gradually, noble estates, houses of rich merchants and working areas appear on the island. Kronstadt is becoming not only a military fortress, but also a very promising city with many forts.

Recent history

For 2 centuries Kotlin successfully copes with his task and does not let enemy troops near St. Petersburg. However, in the first half of the 20th century, the island faces a new challenge.

During the Great Patriotic War, the northern capital faces tragic events. The city is surrounded by the German army and is being held in a blockade.

Kronstadt is also facing a blockade at this time, but already its own. And only a small road of life allowed to bring some provisions to the island. Rybolovlya also helped local residents to survive.

Sights of Kronstadt

Over its centuries - old history , the island city has acquired:

The Kronstadt Fortress;

Unfortunately, the fortress has not fully survived to this day. However, some of the buildings can still be viewed: a defensive wall, soldiers' barracks and half-towers.

St. Nicholas Cathedral by the Sea;

This architectural monument is quite young in Kronstadt, but one of the most popular. It was erected shortly before the revolution in honor of all the sailors who once died defending the island and the northern capital.

Italian Palace;

Let's go back to Peter the Great times and take a walk near one of the oldest buildings in the city.

Initially, the Italian palace was built for Major General Apraksin, but it quickly passed into the possession of the state.

Provincial houses;

Between Petrovskaya and Makarovskaya streets there is an even row of houses, which are popularly nicknamed "provincial", because by order of Peter I the buildings were built at the expense of the budgets of the Russian provinces.

Museum of the History of Kronstadt;

If the weather outside does not allow you to walk for a long time, go to the museum of the history of the city. Here you will learn more about the foundation of Kronstadt, about the most important events and structures.


Kronstadt is also a resort town with well–maintained beaches. If your vacation in St. Petersburg takes place during the hot season, be sure to swim in the Gulf of Finland. In summer, the water warms up to comfortable temperatures.

You can get to Kotlin Island by any transport. Buses run here all year round, you can order a taxi, and in summer you can swim by water transport.

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