Unusual fountains of St. Petersburg and the surrounding area

Unusual fountains of St. Petersburg and the surrounding area

Every city has fountains, but only in St. Petersburg they are part of the cultural and architectural heritage of the city.

The first fountains were built in the Summer Garden by order of Peter I. Later, they began to appear on the territories of estates along the Fontanka and Moika rivers. Nowadays fountains can be found in most parks and gardens, on the territory of palaces and country residences.

In this article we have collected the most beautiful fountains of St. Petersburg and the surrounding area, which are definitely worth a visit if you are going to come to the northern capital in the summer.

Fountain “Crown” in the Summer Garden

The “crown” fountain appeared in the Summer Garden in 1725, designed by a domestic architect. During the 18th century, it was flooded, it was filled in, and only in the 2010s it was restored and returned to its almost pristine appearance.

The fountain is equally beautiful in summer and early autumn, surrounded by foliage and trees. The name “Crown” was given to him due to a multi-jet water supply system forming a composition in the form of a crown. The fountain bowl is made of white marble, the other elements are covered with gilding.

Pyramid Fountain in Peterhof

The fountains of Peterhof amaze with their grandeur and uniqueness, harmoniously complementing the palace and park ensemble.

The first fountains here were also created by order of Peter. The emperor was inspired by European fountains and wanted to see structures in his residences no worse.

The Pyramid fountain is located in the Lower Park of Peterhof and is a square pool with an 8-meter column in the form of a pyramid. The water supply is also configured in such a way as not to destroy the composition of the pyramid.

Lion Cascade

The first drawings and the very idea of cascading construction of Peterhof parks belonged to Peter I. However, his idea was realized only decades later.

The lion Cascade acquired its final appearance in the middle of the 19th century. According to the architect's project, the pool area was increased, a colonnade and several bowls with single-jet fountains were installed. A statue of a nymph was erected in the middle. From the original appearance of the fountain, only lions remain, from whose mouths water flows.

The Grand Cascade of Peterhof

The Grand Cascade in Peterhof is Peter the Great's attempt to overshadow Versailles and, admittedly, very successful. The cascade is considered one of the largest fountain complexes in the world, with 60 small single-jet fountains in one composition.

Most of the ancient fountains of St. Petersburg and Peterhof are real works of art, which are best observed in summer.

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