Hotel or hostel: why you can't save on vacation

Hotel or hostel: why you can't save on vacation

When we plan our vacation or travel, one of the most important issues is the choice of a place to stay. And here we face a dilemma: a hotel or a hostel? Many choose hostels only because of their affordable prices, but face the discomfort of living together and not always comfortable living conditions.

You can save money on vacation, but definitely not in terms of housing. Choose a comfortable hotel in the city center so that your vacation in the northern capital will leave only pleasant memories.

Comfort and convenience

The hotel offers modern rooms with a private bathroom, air conditioning, TV, a good mattress and quality bedding.

At the same time, in hostels, most rooms are shared rooms for 3-10 people with a shared bathroom and kitchen.

Privacy and security

Staying at the hotel provides you with privacy and security. Your number will be yours alone, and no one will violate your privacy.

In addition, at the hotel you will not worry about the safety of your belongings. Especially valuable jewelry and documents can be hidden in a safe.

Quality of service

The hotel offers high quality service to its guests. Delicious breakfasts can be included in the room rate, each guest will be provided with room service, regular room cleaning and a change of bed linen.

Many hotels have their own gyms and game rooms, conference rooms and private work areas. Hostels can't always offer half of what hotels have.


Hotels are usually located in the city center or near tourist attractions. This allows you to save time and money on transport, as well as get to any locations faster. In addition, some hotels have their own parking.

There are also hostels in the center of St. Petersburg, but most often they are located in residential buildings and are very limited by space.

Special atmosphere

St. Petersburg hotels strive to create an atmosphere of care and warmth for their guests. For the rooms, choose a calm interior design, certain colors of the walls and decor. Vacationers are offered many additional amenities, including a pillow menu or accommodation with pets.

Saving money on accommodation is saving on your comfort and safety. Book a room at the Express Sadovaya Hotel and enjoy your stay in the heart of the historic district of St. Petersburg. The hotel offers its guests standard rooms and junior suites, as well as many additional services.