Drawbridges: the best viewing platforms of St. Petersburg

Drawbridges: the best viewing platforms of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and unique cities in Russia. Its architecture, culture and history attract millions of tourists every year.

One of the amazing phenomena of the northern capital is drawbridges, which can be observed during the entire navigation period: from April to November. However, we recommend coming to St. Petersburg in summer and in warm weather to admire the bridges from the embankments or the ship.

Neva Embankments

The first observation deck in our list is any of the Neva embankments and canals. They are free, available at any time, and they can be reached on foot from the Express Sadovaya Hotel.

There is an embankment in every district of the city, but, of course, Admiralty is considered popular. In the Admiralty area there are views of the Petrograd side and Vasilievsky Island. From here you can see the breeding of the Palace, Blagoveshchensk and Trinity bridges.

If the crowds of tourists prevent you from enjoying the beauty of the bridges, you can walk towards the Winter Palace, the Grand Hermitage or in the opposite direction, to the monument of the Bronze Horseman.

Another observation deck is located on the other side, and this is the Peter and Paul Fortress, which is a symbol of the city and one of its main tourist attractions. There are many museums connected with the history of St. Petersburg, and from the shores of the fortress there are stunning views of the palaces and the Trinity, Palace and Foundry bridges.

One of the most successful places on the right bank is considered to be the Arrow of Vasilievsky Island. From here you can also look at the Winter Palace in night lighting and the dilution of the Palace Bridge.

However, we hasten to warn you. Choosing Petrogradka as a viewing platform, it will be more difficult for you to return to the other shore. Almost all bridges in St. Petersburg are being built, and in order to get from one side to the other, you need to go around the city.

Overview from the water

A new direction for viewing the sights of St. Petersburg is water excursions. River boats and private boats carry tourists daily along the rivers and canals of the city, arrange excursions, themed events and dinners with champagne and snacks.

St. Petersburg is especially good in summer. Comfortable weather, drawbridges, white nights, numerous festivals and holidays – all this makes the summer season in the city super popular among tourists. Therefore, do not delay booking a hotel at the last moment – go to the Express Sadovaya Hotel website and choose a room in the center of St. Petersburg at favorable prices.