Why white nights in St. Petersburg are popular among tourists

Why white nights in St. Petersburg are popular among tourists

St. Petersburg is a city that attracts millions of tourists every year. But there is one period of the year when it is especially beautiful – it's white nights. A real spectacle that will conquer everyone's heart.

If you are planning a summer vacation in St. Petersburg, we recommend booking accommodation in the second half of June to catch the white nights.

A little bit of natural science

Many people mistakenly think that white nights in St. Petersburg are a phenomenon when the day lasts all 24 hours, and night does not come at all. That's not so.

During the “official” white nights, the sun sinks below the horizon, remaining below the line at least 7 degrees. Thanks to this, the twilight effect persists all night.

A unique phenomenon

Despite all the “simplicity” of this phenomenon, white nights are equally loved both among tourists and among Petersburgers.

When the sun begins to set over the horizon, a few hours before dawn, the sky is painted in many shades of blue, and the surrounding buildings and bridges shimmer with orange and pink tones. It is really an exciting sight, and tourists from all over the world rush to St. Petersburg to see this unique phenomenon.

In addition, white nights open up a number of new opportunities: you can enjoy the views of the city and its architectural monuments at any time convenient for yourself. Many museums and other attractions usually work longer in order to conduct excursions to more tourists.

The city itself is turning into a real open-air museum. The air temperature is comfortable even at night, so with the onset of dusk, the number of people on the streets only increases.

White nights are an ideal period for spending time outdoors. Parks and squares in the city center remain open around the clock, and cafes and restaurants offer to enjoy the menu outdoors or on a beautiful summer terrace.

But that's not all. Various concerts and music festivals take place every year during the White Nights. Artists from different genres, from jazz to classical music, arrange concerts in the open air, creating an unforgettable atmosphere for all guests of the city.

Romance at every turn

In conclusion, let's not forget to add that white nights is a great chance to bring your soulmate to St. Petersburg and make her an offer or celebrate a wedding anniversary, arrange a romantic vacation.

White nights are one of the most magical and beautiful seasons in St. Petersburg. Book a room at the Express Sadovaya Hotel with beautiful views of the historical part of the city, and we will do everything to make your vacation leave only positive memories.