To Saint Petersburg with a pet: pet-friendly hotel and entertainment

To Saint Petersburg with a pet: pet-friendly hotel and entertainment

Traveling with pets has long ceased to be something exotic and difficult to organize. Hotels, museums and restaurants declare themselves pet-friendly and welcome tourists with four-legged companions.

Express Sadovaya Hotel in St. Petersburg is no exception. The hotel offers all conditions for a comfortable stay with a pet.

How to prepare a pet for a trip

The key to a good rest is its careful preparation. Going on vacation with a four-legged friend, do not forget:

- visit a veterinarian, go through all the necessary examinations and get a certificate (most hotels will check this upon check-in);

- buy a convenient carrier, a harness, a travel water bottle, a dispenser and garbage bags;

- to train your pet in advance to transport, the accumulation of strangers.

The last point is especially important if you are going on a trip with a cat. Little conservatives take the change of the situation the hardest.

Where to go with a pet in St. Petersburg

Taking a pet with you on vacation to St. Petersburg is a great opportunity to spend time together. The city offers a lot of pet-friendly entertainment for tourists:

- in sunny weather, give up museum tours in favor of walking with a dog in one of the parks of the northern capital;

In the Primorsky district, many green areas are equipped with special areas for dogs, where four-legged people can run and frolic without disturbing other vacationers.

In the inner part of the Gostiny Dvor on Nevsky Prospekt, an entertainment area for dogs with an agility playground also opens in summer. Sometimes there are lectures by dog handlers and other veterinary experts.

- go on a guided pet tour to learn more about the history of the city;

Large pet stores often conduct dog-friendly excursions to the sights of St. Petersburg with professional guides. To get to such an event, it is not necessary to be their regular customer. You can sign up for a pet tour through the official website of the pet store or their social networks.

Where to move in with a cat or dog

Pet-friendly direction is so popular among hotels that you definitely won't have any problems finding accommodation.

Express Sadovaya Hotel accommodates guests with pets up to 10 kg. When booking a room, be sure to indicate that you will arrive with a cat or dog, so that the staff of Express Sadovaya Hotel will prepare for your four-legged friend all the necessary accessories for a comfortable stay.

You can book a room in our hotel, in the very center of St. Petersburg, on the official website.