Where to book a cheap hotel in the center of St. Petersburg?

Where to book a cheap hotel in the center of St. Petersburg?

Saint Petersburg is a beautiful city with a rich history that attracts many tourists from all over the world. In order to better explore the northern capital and its sights, not to waste time on the road, we recommend staying in the historical part.

In this article we will tell you where to book an inexpensive hotel in the center of St. Petersburg.

Yandex Travel

The Yandex service is one of the most popular sites for booking hotels across the country. Here you can find many options of different price categories in the center of St. Petersburg. 

The choice of rooms on Yandex Travel is very wide, and you can book a hotel or a hotel that suits your needs and budget. The website provides detailed information about each hotel, including photos of rooms and reviews of other tourists.

Another advantage of the service is a generous cashback. For booking accommodation through Yandex Travel, you can return up to 10% of the room price in the form of bonus points.


101Hotels.com — a service for booking hotels around the world. The site also offers a diverse selection of hotels: from economy class to luxury apartments. 101Hotels.com provides detailed information about each place with photos and reviews of other travelers. 

The service returns cashback and offers discounts when paying with the MIR card. The advantages include convenient filters when searching for housing and the availability of a mobile application.


An island.<url> is somewhat similar to Yandex Travel. There is also a huge selection of hotels, inns and hostels; a lot of filters on price and other conditions.

Among the advantages are the ability to book a hotel in another country even with a Russian card, round-the-clock support and separate services for buying plane and train tickets.

Official website of the hotel

Booking a room on the official website of the hotel has several advantages compared to booking through services or agents. Here are some of them:


- the official website of the hotel can offer the best prices, since it does not pay commission to intermediaries for booking.

- when booking on the official website, you get a guarantee that the room will be reserved for you. Some intermediaries have failures when one number is reserved for two clients.

- the hotel's website will always have the most up-to-date information about rooms, promotions, discounts and other special offers that may not be available on third-party resources.

- you can communicate directly with the hotel staff, clarify the necessary information.

Choosing affordable housing in the center of St. Petersburg can be difficult, but there are many sites and services with a database of hotels that will help you find the perfect accommodation option. Book Express Sadovaya Hotel and enjoy the beauty of St. Petersburg.