How to book a room at the Express Sadovaya Hotel in St. Petersburg?

How to book a room at the Express Sadovaya Hotel in St. Petersburg?

Express Sadovaya Hotel in St. Petersburg is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a comfortable and cozy place to stay in the very center of the city. 

In this article we will tell you how to book a hotel room and why we recommend staying with us.

Choose a room type

The first step in the booking process is to choose the type of room. Express Sadovaya Hotel offers various apartments, including standard single, double and spacious junior suites. 

All rooms have their own features and amenities, and the choice depends on the individual needs and preferences of the guests. However, each type of room is equipped with a comfortable bed, storage space, TV and a minimal set of household appliances.

Determine the dates of residence

At the second step of booking, determine the period of stay. Hotels love guests who rent a room in St. Petersburg for a long time. We advise you to allocate more than 10 days for a trip to St. Petersburg in order to cover all the main sights and enjoy the atmosphere of the city during this time.

Check the availability of the room

After selecting the room type and dates of stay, you need to check the availability of the room. This can be done on the official website of the hotel or contact the manager directly and check the availability of the necessary rooms. If the selected number is available, you can proceed to the next step.

Fill out the booking request

To choose a room at the Express Sadovaya Hotel, guests must fill out a booking form on the website or by phone. In the application, you must specify information about the guests, the type of room, dates of stay and other details. 

If you need special accommodation conditions, in parallel with filling out the form, contact the hotel manager.

Pay for the booking

After filling out the application, payment must be made on the hotel's website. You can only pay for the room with a bank card. However, if your plans change, the hotel provides the possibility of canceling the reservation with a refund.

Get confirmation

Automatically, after paying for the room, you will receive a confirmation from the hotel by email or phone. If this did not happen, call the phone number listed on the website.

Booking a room at Express Sadovaya Hotel is quick and easy. To do this, go to the official resource of the hotel, study booking options and special offers. Any other questions? Contact us by phone number or via the feedback form.