Before traveling to St. Petersburg, make hotel reservations in advance! We tell you why!

Before traveling to St. Petersburg, make hotel reservations in advance! We tell you why!

A trip to St. Petersburg is always a wonderful experience and an opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of one of the most beautiful and amazing cities in Russia. And in order for a visit to the northern capital to be as comfortable as possible, it is necessary to take care of booking a hotel in St. Petersburg in advance.

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Saving money

One of the main advantages is saving money. The earlier you book a hotel, the more favorable price you will be able to find. In addition, you have the opportunity to choose from several hotels, compare prices and service. At the last moment, the first available option is usually booked, which is not always profitable for the wallet.

Also, the hotels themselves welcome early booking and offer special offers for responsible tourists.

Room availability guarantee

By booking accommodation in advance, you will be sure of the availability of a room in the desired hotel. This is especially important during periods of the active tourist season (for example, during the white nights), when many hotels are booked months in advance.

We recommend starting the search for a hotel at least 3 months before the intended trip. Even if your plans change, most hotels make concessions and cancel bookings with a full or partial refund.

Convenience of trip planning

A pre-booked hotel allows you to plan your trip better. You know the exact place of residence, the distance to the main attractions and public transport routes.

In addition, you will be able to plan every day in detail, you will know the departure time of the bus. The exact schedule of the day is very important in a trip full of excursions.

Greater choice

You have the opportunity to choose the most suitable accommodation option. You can compare different hotels, choose the type of room that suits you, find out about the availability of breakfast and other amenities. Also, earlier booking allows you to choose a hotel in the area of the city that you like best.

Calmness and confidence

Knowing that you already have housing in St. Petersburg, you will feel confident, you will be able to plan other expenses, study tourist routes.

You will not care about the availability of a room, spend time searching for a hotel in the city and worry that your accommodation may not be what you expected.

A pre—booked hotel is a prerequisite for a successful trip to St. Petersburg. Choose the Espresso Sadovaya Hotel to spend your vacation in the northern capital in a comfortable room with all amenities, a delicious breakfast and a view of the historic district.